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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    ... *******I ve been pondering this for some time, and have come to the conclusion that the astral or soul forces are very much connected with the etheric
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 28, 2002
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      eurythmy@... writes:

      Dear Friends of the soul calendar,

      As we are embarking on the second half of the year, ~I am wondering how we relate to the second half of the planet - to say it crudely.

      Do I work on 27th week (26+1) thinking of the others who are in week 1 - and vice versa? This look like a great wheel always turning and turning. Is the world, that world just and only working like that, like a wheel, be it a prayer wheel?

      *******I've been pondering this for some time, and have come to the conclusion that the astral or soul forces are very much connected with the etheric in-breathing and out-breathing of the earth during the course of the year, and this has both a solar and a lunar component, which is why the original calendar of the soul contained the 12 suns sign images as well as the position of the moon in the signs each night. Now, the date of Easter, which Steiner stated as the starting point for the calendar to his students in the Northern Hemisphere, is figured by a combination of the sun and moon. Surely then, there must be a sort of "Easter" in the southern hemisphere, presumably the first Sunday following the first full moon following the Autumnal Equinox. That would be the time people in the Southern Hemisphere should start with mantra No. 1. Well, I observed carefully that the full moon on Sept. 21st came just before the sun crossed the equinox; so this means that one wouldn't start with the first mantra until after the next full moon, which would be Oct. 21st, making the Southern Hemisphere "Easter" Sunday, Oct. 27th. As sometimes happens, this leaves a gap of a few weeks between the end of 1 series of 52 mantras and the beginning of the next. Due to the irregularity of Easter, sometimes there are not 52 weeks between one and the next, and sometimes there are more than 52 weeks. During this time one can continue to use the 52nd mantra; or, alternatively, you folks in the southern hemisphere could just use the polar opposite verse.
          I've been wondering for some time whether anyone in the Christian Community has addressed this, because it would seem to mean that there should be a separate "Easter" for the Southern Hemisphere, and likewise all the festivals need to be reversed in order to be in harmony with what is happening Astrally to people there.
         By the way, Franky, perhaps we could post some explanatory material about the calendar of the soul Eurythmy forms. I think people need some help with understanding what they are.
      Dr. Starman

      A part of me does not want to be cut in two that way: so sometimes I feel or I try to feel that I am going towards my beginnings of week one being in week 27 And having just left 26 I make inwardly that first step BACK towards my old beginning, feel near 26 when I try to go to 1.
      Perhaps having been through more of the cycles of the soul calendar I will be clearer about it.
      This is a question - or two - for me: what part of me wants to work this or that way? Will this bring me nearer an understanding of the relation of the soul calendar to the seasons and to the festivals which are strongly or loosely linked to the seasons. What do you think?
      I will have to live you to make some time to painting the calendar, may be I should try to translate it myself to go nearer it. Anyway, tomorrow some friends are doing in eurythmy the Michaelmas verse for the Speech School and I will visit them.

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