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Calendar of the Soul, Week 24 after Easter

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    The Calendar of the Soul The cycle of the year can be a meditation through which you can sense the Beings that are behind the changing seasons, and Steiner
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2002
      The "Calendar of the Soul"

      The cycle of the year can be a meditation through which you can sense the
      Beings that are behind the changing seasons, and Steiner gave out the
      'Calendar of the Soul' to do this. It's 52 meditative mantras enabling you to
      consciously experience the 'astral' (soul) events occurring within you as
      well as in outer Nature in the course of the year. These are well known to
      many anthroposophists; but the original Calendar published in 1912 ALSO
      contained 12 Images of the Zodiac (to be meditated on to sense the working of
      the 'solar' forces in the cosmos in the day), a listing of the Moon's phase
      and position in the constellations each night (for sensing the 'lunar'
      forces), and a list of saints and other spiritual figures connected with
      specific days of the week. We're presenting all that here. We begin with the
      mantra in the original German and in translation:

      * M A N T R A # 2 4 *

      Sich selbst erschaffend stets,
      Wird Seelensein sich selbst gewahr;
      Der Weltengeist, er strebet fort
      In Selbsterkenntnis neu belebt
      Und schafft aus Seelenfinsternis
      Des selbstsinns Willensfrucht .

      In continually shaping one's Self,
      Soul's Being becomes of itself aware;
      The World-Spirit, it strives forward
      In Self-Knowledge newly living
      And shapes out of Soul-Darkness
      The Self-sense's Will-Fruit.

      This week's mantram:
      The season of Autumn is the Michaelmas time: in the Summer 'waking
      dream-state' , while our consciousness was turned outwards to Nature, a
      spiritual 'seed' was planted, amd it now ripens into a Self-consciousness
      instead of Nature-consciousness. This week, the Soul becomes aware of itself
      through this constant creating of that Self; this Self is the World-Spirit
      itself in us, the universe aware of itself through us. This now reaches into
      the dark soul-contents; and through this sensing of Self, the Will, its
      fruit, is unleashed.

      The Sun, according to the Doctor, is under the influence of Virgo from
      Sept. 8th to Oct. 12th in our era. The symbolic image of the Virgin done from
      Steiner's sketches & indications is attached to this post, although it may go
      through to you or not depending on your settings.
      The Moon positions and phases for the week are listed below along with
      some of the spiritual figures connected with the days.

      Sunday, September 8th. Moon Libra. Birth of Mary. Corbinianus, spreader of
      Christianity in France & Germany in the 8th
      Monday, September 9th. Moon Scorpio. 1828 Tolstoy born.
      Tuesday, September 10th. Moon Scorpio. Sosthenus (by Paul made a leader).
      Wednesday, September 11th. Moon Scorpio. Abraham (Race-father of the Old
      Thursday, September 12th. Moon Sagittarius. Tobias.
      Friday, September 13th. Moon Sagittarius. First Quarter. 1872 the Philosopher
      Ludwig Feuerbach died.
      Saturday, September 14th. Moon Capricorn. Festival of the High Cross.
      brought in 629 the Cross of Christ to Constantinople. 1769 Alexander
      Humboldt born. 1887 The Philosopher Freidrich Theodore Vischer died.

      Dr. Starman

      Here is the polar verse for the Southern Hemisphere, as I've worked it out.

      * M A N T R A # 4 9 *
      Ich fühle Kraft des Weltenseins:
      So spricht Gedankenklarheit,
      Gedenkend eignen Geistes Wachsen
      In finstern Weltennächten,
      Und neigt dem nahen Weltentage
      Des Innern Hoffnungsstrahlen.

      “I feel the Power of the World-Existence”:
      So speaks Thinking’s Clarity,
      Thinking of its own Spirit-Waxing
      In dark World-Night,
      Its inner Rays of Hope
      Drawing close to nearing World-Day.
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