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Atlantis and Lemuria

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    ... *******And I posted three things about this. For those who don t knopw about what Steiner said, he read the Akashic Records and described the origin of we
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      *******OK, what Lutz was referring to is that, on another list, this question was asked....

      > > How are we to reconcile the anthroposophical view of world evolution with that of modern science? I'm thinking particularly of geology and the fossil record? What of the dinosaurs?

      *******And I posted three things about this. For those who don't knopw about what Steiner said, he read the Akashic Records and described the origin of we human beings and our world in quite different ways than what our science teaches us. This is meant to be a little introduction to this.

      (1)******* The facts that science has discovered, we can reconcile with spiritual science; not so the Religion of Scientism with its dogmas. Unfortunately the so-called scientists of today demand their theories be equated with facts.
      To separate the wheat from the chaff a bit, what we know of the world goes back only a few thousand years. All ancient calendars, like the Chinese or Hebrew, go back less than seven or eight thousand years. The oldest scriptures speak of a previous 'world' or civilization destroyed in a great world-catastrophe. Now, that was the mindframe in which modern science developed. Until 1700 or so (the "Enlightenment"), no one knew of or believed in anything being more than 10,000 years old. Then, in the course of digging canals in England, the first skeletons of giant unknown animals were unearthed, and around the same time the first theories of anything like modern geology began. First, formations were examined and it was realized that they must have taken thousands of years to take their present shape; and the destruction of these 'dinosaur' creatures was interpreted as supporting evidence for those legendary world-catastrophes.
      In the nineteenth century, however, the 'uniformitarian' point of view of Lyell came about in geology, that everything in the past was caused by the same processees as are going on around us now, and at the SAME RATE. It fit in with the conservative Victorian outlook, and Darwin took it as his basis for his theory, where all change is slow and gradual. This very slow change of living things required incredibly long periods of time, however, with one organ changing and then another, slowly building up to a whole new organism. Only then did 'millions' and then 'hundreds of millions' and then finally 'billions' of years come to be spoken of by science.
      Unfortunately emotions immediately come into it when Darwinism is discussed, because so many people have an emotional investment in it as a sort of Religion produced by the Enlightenment. Actually, its basis of slow, gradual change has since been thrown out in favor of sudden mutations, but oddly the ideas which were accepted ON that basis remain.
      It's also unfortunate that only child-like fundamentalists usually look at the abundant evidence that the earth may be far younger than these theories built up from Lyell & Darwin demand, and that, in the rush to put together a completely worked-out theory to compete with the religions that science believed were irrational superstitions holding Man back, many errors were made of interpretation of the geological facts.
      But the facts supplied by the Akashic Records are not in conflict with the evidence, only the interpretations of it. And principal among these is the interpretation that, as human fossils are found only recently, Man evolved from the animal. We know that Man was there spiritually as the animals became material, and that he only entered physical form last. And, in fact, far from the apes creating Man, the first imperfect physical forms intended for human souls DEVOLVED into the apes.

      ******* The great difference between materialist science and what the Akashic Records reveal is based on the wholly different outlook of intellectual materialists and anyone who can develop the ability to see spirit. The so-called "science" of today says basically, "Well, there's nothing but matter, so the rocks were there first. The mineral earth was first there, then out of the unliving somehow arose the living (a bolt of lightning struck chemicals in the sea, maybe), and then there were simple plants, and then animals somehow came from them and then humans from animals." Since this is what material fossil remains show, they regard this as 'proven' and demand it be programmed by the government into every child's mind. The materialistic biases underlying this are not examined.

      But from the records we find this: There is no time you did not exist. There is no start to the human spirit when the body begins. The spirits of we human beings have always been. (In fact everything has always been, and merely changes form and consciousness. The universe does not actually have a beginning in Time---but that's another story for another day...)

      What now composes all the earth---all we human beings and all its other beings--- has only changed form. To say man didn't exist before we find fossils of him is like saying an actor didn't exist before he put on Hamlet's outfit and stepped on stage. We have taken this role and this form, but we existed before. In fact, in the start of what we call our world all of it was within us---we were like the space baby at the end of '2001', in a way: a great living spiritual being of consciousness, immaterial. All of what are now human beings, animals, plants and minerals were all one gigantic spherical energy-form. Then, just as salt can precipitate out of salty water in a jar, the now-physical kingdoms of Nature precipitated out of this 'fire-form'.

      First the energy forms of the higher animals separated out from this mass which we felt as our Being. So one re-experiencing this feels as if the mammals and birds, etc., are like slumbering human beings in a trance-like state, that then drop out and become the strange non-human fixed animal spirits they are now physically. They 'devolve' from being like us to animal forms in the astral world (as nothing is yet physical). This warmth-sphere slowly cools, and as it does these animal energy-forms condense to become denser than only warmth. We remain only fiery beings longer. Then a second group of our 'brother humans' drops out, cannot remain only Fiery as we can. These become still other animal energy forms, with an affinity for the developing fluid state where the earlier had for the Airy. These are the 7 phyla of animals that live mainly in the ocean, where the earlier are the 5 higher phyla (see Eugen Kolisko's work on the 12 Types of Animals).

      The still-cooling warmth sphere is thus at first only ourselves, human beings, and out of this is "distilled" or precipitated all the animal beings. This is why they can be understood as partial human beings---the cow being the human digestive system magnified to extremes, the birds the nervous system... and why the forms of life in the ocean look like floating heads, as we do as embryos again (i.e., the coelenterates). What Man has combined all together and harmonized within him the various animals all have in some one-sided way.

      Still later other parts of this unitary spiritual being we felt to be ourselves like the 2001 Starbaby, separate off and become the plant and still later the mineral kingdoms.

      You can see from this the vast gulf between what can be known from the Records and our materialist science of today with its evolution theory. The Earth as a giant Man, in effect, which condensed into all nature---this is found in the Norse myth of the Primal Giant Ymir, but not in your evolution textbook, nor is it likely to be there any time soon! Even the idea that animals can be understood via Man, will be denounced as superstitious anthropomorphism. It really requires nothing less than a complete reversal of materialism, since, far from the sequence being lifeless mineral, and out of that plant then animal then Man, the TRUE sequence is first Man (containing within us then all of Nature), then Animal, then Plant, then Mineral.

      *******Now you see what the Akashic Records reveal, that we were part of a unified body containing all the present Kingdoms of Nature on Earth, and the other kingdoms in a sense evolved out of US, dropped away from this "unitary body" into physicality that had only a one-sided aspect of it, while we human beings retain all the various parts of Nature in a harmonious whole (a very Renaissance-like conception, which Goethe also held). The animals, plants and minerals were all one with we human beings and the former slowly separated off; we were the last to come into physical incarnation.

      Now, the history of this evolution is divided into 7 great periods. Blavatsky, who had this information channelled through her by the White Brotherhood and afterward recalled all they'd said through her (though not perfectly, by any means--- especially in her embittered later years), gave these the name of "Root Races" which Steiner (and the Edgar Cayce Readings) continued to use. The first two were before we human beings had any kind of physical embodiment that material study could find a trace of, and were called the Polarian and Hyperborean Root Races. The best written description is in Dr. Steiner's "Cosmic Memory", and he gave many details in his early lectures. Unfortunately in that book he says, about the exact time-sequence of the events described, "Dates will be given later"---but so far as I've been able to find very little with these definite dates he ever gave out, or at least which has been published in English. So the picture is sketchy; but I'll describe what I've worked out for myself.

      He states that it was in the Third Root Race, the Lemurian, that we human beings first entered physical form. During this great period, the Earth itself only condensed into its present denser physicality, and it did so by separating from the Moon! Until the Lemurian time, what now is the substance of the Moon was WITHIN the Earth in an unsolid form, and it was then split off from the earth, and later hardened into what we see now as the Moon. Steiner describes in "Cosmic Memory" that this separation of Earth and Moon happened almost simultaneously with the division of we human beings into two sexes in our still-malleable bodies. Before that we were unsolid, spherical beings hovering about the periphery of the earth, with what are now both sexes combined into one (as Plato has Aristophanes also describe in the Phaedrus). But he says parts of the earth had densified enough for some animals which had entered incarnation sooner to be already living in physical form with senses and double-sexedness, and these are described as being like the present "reptiles"--- so apparently the dinosaurs were meant. I have seen only a few things by Steiner's followers attempting to correlate the Root Races to the hypothetical "Ice Ages", dinosaur times, etc. But the problem is a gigantic one: if Steiner is correct, all our present understanding of geologic time must be challenged. Here's why.

      Each Root Race proceeds in cycles of seven, so the Lemurian Age had seven sub-races. This Root Race was followed by the Atlantean, which also had 7 sub-races, and then by our own Fifth Root Race, the Post-Atlantean or Aryan. In our time a 'sub-race' lasts one Zodiac Age of about 2,160 years. Steiner calls these the "Cultural Periods": the Ancient Indian was the Age of Cancer (he stated that the Flood ocurred when the Vernal Equinox entered Cancer), then the Persian was the Age of Gemini, the Egyptian the Age of Taurus, the Graeco-Roman the Age of Aries and we are now in the 5th or Piscean Age, or in other words the fifth sub-cycle of the Fifth Root Race. This gives a total of anbout 11,000 years since the end of Atlantis (agreeing with Plato). But Steiner described the 7 sub-races of the Atlantean as also being one Zodiac Age long, which means the Atlantean Age lasted about 15,000 years before that. This puts the end of the Lemurian Age at about 26,000 years ago. Steiner said (in "Ancient Myths", Lecture # 7, 13th Jan., 1918: "about 25-26,000 yrs ago the Lemurian age came to an end... 12 epochs ago, the sun was in the same position" then in the 7th epoch of the Lemurian age as it is now, in Pisces.

      The Lemurian continent perished in a fiery volcanic catastrophe about 26,000 years ago, then, and became the Paciifc Ocean. Now, our present geological theories say the Pacific Ocean has been as it is for millions of years. So what geology says about the great age of strata, being millions upon millions of years old, must be wrong. There are great catastrophes, like the Flood that destroyed Atlantis, that cause things to happen MUCH faster than 'Uniformitarian' geology thinks. If the end of Lemuria was about 24,000 B.C., moreover, remember Steiner is describing the Moon and the Earth being still united in the MIDDLE of the Lemurian Root Race, and we human beings being completely unsolid till then. How much earlier was that? Well, the Moon separated from the earth, Steiner said, in a zodiacal age of SCORPIO, about in the middle of the Lemurian Root Race. There was more than one such age during Lemurian times; he said it was AN Age of Scorpio, not necessarily the one there was about 16,000 years before its end; the sub-race cycles might not have been zodiac ages, or those ages might have been longer than 2,160 years in those times. But if the end of Lemuria was about 26,000 years ago, that's tantamount to saying Jurassic-era fossils might only be about 50,000 years old, not 65 MILLION. That places anthroposophists in the same boat as the Young Earth Creationists in disputing the assumptions by which the "millions and millions of years old" dates were cooked up in the last 120 years. If the Moon and Earth separated anywhere near the end of Lemuria, that means Earth only became completely solid 40,000-50,000 years ago, and all human skeletons are likewise no older, since earlier man had no bones.

      There is only one conclusion we can reach: that science has mistaken the age of geological strata and fossil remains by a factor of a hundred or more. This is also pointed to in the Edgar Cayce Readings where he appears to mention dinosaurs existing 50 THOUSAND (not million) years ago. Steiner likewise seems to imply that the Jurassic Age was only thousands of years ago, not millions. The entire geological column with its deduced times is thus being called into question by anthroposophy. When I look at my fossil trilobites I have here, I may be looking at fossils nowhere near the '200+ million years old' age assigned them by our geology today. In fact, there is a famous footprint called the Meister print, which is a sandal imprint in beach sand, where whoever put their foot down squashed a trilobite when he did so. When it comes to human fossils, Michael Cremo in his recent work "Forbidden Archaeology" does an excellent job of showing how the evidence of fully-developed human skeletons coexisting with the 'ape-men' ones which have been found, has been systematically ignored or misinterpreted in order to build up a scheme that physical anthropology had imposed on it by evolution theory. The reality must be that any human being dense enough to leave a bone is not very old at all. There is, in fact, an abundance of evidence suggesting that the earth may be quite young, but as the only people willing to look at it for generations have been Christians, it's been ignored.

      The theory of evolution, and the geology linked to it, is hopelessly flawed according to spiritual science, and the evidence and conclusions drawn from it must be re-examined from top to bottom. As far as the Darwinian theory with its flaws, an excellent work by an anthroposophist on this was "Darwin Retried" by Norman Macbeth. I don't know if it's still in print. And as you can see, we anthropsophists have a lot of work to do to find the relation between what the Akashic Records show and the fossils that are everywhere being mis-dated and misinterpreted, and to uncover an "Ahrimanic deception" that is covering up the true understanding of all natural history.

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