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  • jla
    We again are assuming that physicality mean organic here. It is possible that there are physical beings living on Venus or even Mercury but they are not
    Message 1 of 9 , Aug 15, 2002
      We again are assuming that physicality mean organic here. It is possible that there are physical beings living on Venus or even Mercury but they are not organic is the same sense as we are. We also know from AP and Rosicrucian sources that a portion of humanity stayed on some of the planets and did not return to earth when formal earth evolution proceeded to evolve organic bodies. If all humanity was intended to evolve the principle of physicality (re: the 7 fold and 9 fold  divisions of being) how are they evolving it?? and in what form?
      The work of the life and chemical ethers as a matrix for gathering of materials from a given environment may be varied due to different planetary conditions. It is conceivable, for example, that a being could be composed  water vapor and gases with less mineralization and still live in these heated atmospheres and pressures . Thus the percentage of gases to water to mineral content would be far different than ours and yet the are still "physical" and these beings could be seen or detected in some way with physical senses. They could be as "fish/birds" living in the atmosphere or vapor like our fish and birds but human in nature but not in the organic form.
      . Though falling within a  "sci fi" concept (and we must remember that HG Wells and Jules Verne were Sci Fi writers and actually predicted real events and changes we now live with.) a good example of this is found in the great film, The Abyss where the beings encountered use water as their expression of physicality and use salt, dissolved minerals, and sea water to condense a living habitat. 
       I really don't know but if expanded outside our solar system surely this is a possibility.  But alas I am speculating again. Tish. Tish.
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      > From Steiner's "The effects of Spiritual Development", PP 20- 21, " From occult observation of the cosmos you would find milk substance on earth, but on no other planet of our solar system. 
      > What is produced in a similar manner within the organism of living beings on other planets in our solar system would be something totally different from terrestial milk.  Milk is specifically of the earth. 
      > > If we wanted to generalise about milk we should have to say that the beings inhabiting each planetary system have their own particular milk."

      ******* In the quote, Steiner says other living beings IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM live and have "organisms" that produce "in a similar manner" what mothers produce here on earth.... There can be no physical organisms (like the ones sci-fi people imagine fly space-ships) producing milk for their young on the physical planets Mars, Venus, Saturn,  etc. Of course, one who can only picture an "organism" as a thing of earthly matter cannot imagine what he meant...
      > >     I'd say he was clearly describing our condition of materiality and how it is essentially different from the other immaterial planes of the solar system, which are quite real, and "worlds" in their own right, but where beings are only astral and etheric. No astronaut landing an Earth- vehicle on
      them could perceive these beings, which we can perceive in after- death and in initiation states. He described them from many standpoints, and only  materialistic thinking could miss the clear reference to them being completely unlike material earth-embodiment.

      macannadh@... writes:
      > -Starman:  In your note to Jeff what you say Steiner said is clearly not what he said.  Is there the possibility of errors in translation or transcription?  Is there anyone out there with access to the original...regards, Macannadh--

      *******Sorry, I've searched the above and don't see how what I interpreted about the "living beings on other planets in our solar system" is "not what Steiner said" in any way. Perhaps you could tell me what you think isn't. Seems clear to me.


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