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  • Lil Ole Miss
    Jeff, I must agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Starman regarding these points. Somewhere RS speaks of manna, but I don t recall in what context. In The Effects of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2002
      Jeff, I must agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Starman regarding these
      points. Somewhere RS speaks of manna, but I don't recall in what
      context. In "The Effects of Occult Development..." cited by
      macannadh, RS speaks of milk as being the perfect food as well as
      in other contexts, but most definitely never in the sense there
      are physical beings elsewhere than on the earth planet. I wonder
      if you'd mind giving us your reference[s] to that statement?
      Indeed, one most definitely must not speculate in any way
      whatsoever, although we humans do err, n'pas?



      Jeff wrote:I am not convinced yet of any particular theory-
      organic or metaphysical but the milk may be referring to manna of
      an etheric type but I cannot speculate. The statements he uses
      seem to lead into each other though type for type. Time will tell
      and we should know the final answer to this in about 20 years or
      so- so say those who have some glimpse into the future. By the
      way, what did Cayce say about this subject? Any remarks from
      him? jeff

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      From Steiner's "The effects of Spiritual Development",
      PP 20-21, "We
      can compare milk, plants and animal flesh as foods when,
      esoteric development, we have become more sensible of
      their effects
      in ourselves. It will then be easier for us to confirm
      statements arising from a rational observation of the
      world. From occult observation of the cosmos you would
      find milk
      substance on earth, but on no other planet of our solar
      system. What
      is produced in a similar manner within the organism of
      living beings
      on other planets in our solar system would be something
      different from terrestial milk. Milk is specifically of
      the earth.
      If we wanted to generalise about milk we should have to
      say that the
      beings inhabiting each planetary system have their own
      What do you suppose he's talking about?...regards,

      What to say? It surely indicates some reference to
      physical type beings on other planets- presumably our
      solar system and maybe beyond..

      ******* Well, I can't let that misstatement go by. I'd
      say it "surely" indicates nothing of the kind. In the
      quote, Steiner says other living beings IN OUR SOLAR
      SYSTEM live and have "organisms" that produce "in a
      similar manner" what mothers produce here on earth.
      There is no way to impose your usual materialistic
      interpretation on these words, Jeff. There can be no
      physical organisms (like the ones sci-fi people imagine
      fly space-ships) producing milk for their young on the
      physical planets Mars, Venus, Saturn, etc. Of course,
      one who can only picture an "organism" as a thing of
      earthly matter cannot imagine what he meant.

      I'd say he was clearly describing our condition of
      materiality and how it is essentially different from the
      other immaterial planes of the solar system, which are
      quite real, and "worlds" in their own right, but where
      beings are only astral and etheric. No astronaut landing
      an Earth-vehicle on them could perceive these beings,
      which we can perceive in after-death and in initiation
      states. He described them from many standpoints, and
      only materialistic thinking could miss the clear
      reference to them being completely unlike material

      By the way, one of the hidden sides of 'milk' is that
      it makes a being forget the other planes and become
      accustomed to only this one. In olden times the 'Waters
      of Forgetfulness' were called the River of Lethe---this
      is the root of Leche, Milk. It's the legendary "Draught
      of Forgetfulness".

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