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Re: [steiner] Platonists and Aristotelians!

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  • golden3000997@cs.com
    Good Morning Everyone! I would like to give some input regarding the milk issue. When I was in teacher training, I remember a discussion with Rene about
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2002
      Good Morning Everyone!

      I would like to give some input regarding the "milk" issue.

      When I was in teacher training, I remember a discussion with Rene about
      nutrition and I clearly remember what I was taught about milk. However, I
      have ransacked my bookshelves and can't find the quote (yet). I'm sure that
      it is in a very basic work and I have written to the RS Library for help (by
      the way - they need money!!!) While I am waiting for their assistance, I will
      give you the info stored in the dusty attic of my brain, and hopefully, they
      will bring a flashlight and help me figure out where it is filed!

      The indications that RS gave were something like this:
      1. Plants - they are from the stars and they connect us to the stars, away
      from this planet.

      2. Milk - every "planet" has a substance which can be likened to milk here on
      Earth and this substance "connects" us or "ties" us to our planet. It is a
      unique substance for each planet. When a child drinks milk, it helps him or
      her to incarnate here.*

      3. Meat - eating meat "chains" us to this planet, weighs us down, as it were.

      Now, you know that RS was ever the champion of freedom, and he gave us
      information about these things, without value judgements attached. In fact,
      many years ago in Spring Valley when I knew many European people who were in
      their 70s and 80s, I heard anecdotes around the dining table. One person
      described RS on his lecture tours. She said he usually took a group of
      Eurythmists who gave demonstrations. She was among them, I believe. She said
      that he took almost an impish delight when they all went out to a restaurant,
      in ordering a big, juicy steak! Also, I knew Eurythmists in Spring Valley who
      were instructed by an Anthroposophical doctor to eat red meat, because they
      were becoming much too "spacey".

      Regarding milk, though - I think that it is not what it was in RS's time.
      Have you ever had the opportunity to drink fresh milk from a cow down the
      street, that wasn't pasteurized or homogenized? I have, quite a while ago
      now, and it is definitely a different substance than anything you can buy in
      a supermarket. Even in health food stores, it is hard to find cheese or
      butter from raw milk (that hasn't been pasteurized - ie, boiled). All the
      processing and the antibiotics, steroids, hormones and whatever that the poor
      cows are subjected to must have some kind of effect on the effects of the
      milk on us. So, I think RS would probably have other things to say if he were
      with us now. (I REALLY believe this in terms of many of his educational
      indications - another topic for later!) I personally don't think that store
      bought milk is good for children and it contributes to ear, nose and throat
      infections, fat and other problems. But if I had a farm and a bunch of kids,
      I'd probably let them have all that they wanted!

      RS was always emphasizing the need for each of us to observe the reality
      around us clearly. He never wanted anyone to take something he said and apply
      it willy nilly without thought and our own understanding of a particular

      I think it is, as much of what he gave us is, useful info in helping us to
      work on balancing ourselves. Perhaps those who are very choleric or
      melancholic and who feel the weight of the world on their shoulders should
      eat as little meat as possible, while the sanguines could use a little now
      and then. Again, with meat, it is not what it used to be, either. (See above
      for what they do to cows, etc.) People generally do not think about the
      sacrifice that the animal has made or feel a real sense of gratitude. Very
      few people eat animals that they have had any contact with. I have had one or
      two experiences in my life where I dined on an animal that had been killed
      with conciousness and gratitude and there is a difference!

      So, if you go to McDonalds, it might be a good idea to say "grace"!
      And remember - Christ said that it is not what a man puts into his mouth that
      defiles him, but the words which come out!

      Blessings! : ) Christine
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