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Re: [steiner] Steiner's astrological chart, Dr. Starman

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  • Francisco Barbosa
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    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 6, 2002
      *******Well, Alan Leo called Rudolf Steiner a
      > "Martian-Jupiterian type", a
      > judgement I quite concur with. Part warrior, part
      > He has Jupiter
      > overhead in Leo, so he loved performing and got a
      lot out
      > of all his contact
      > with the theater. His Sun opposed Saturn meant
      > with his father in
      > early life (which one can detect in his grudging
      > for the tough old
      > man in Steiner's autobiography) and difficulty with
      > authority figures
      > throughout life (and he certainly challenged them
      > frequently enough, and
      > often expressed his frustration at people misusing
      > authority and at
      > others blindly following it). His Venus in Aquarius
      was his
      > liking for
      > finding bizarre ways to express a thought (e.g.,
      'The brain
      > is an
      > elaborately-organized dung-heap') and being a bit
      > revolutionary; his Mercury
      > conjunct Neptune is found in logical interpreters of
      > or symbols,
      > whether astrologers or those who teach art history.
      > Mars-Pluto
      > conjunction in Taurus is a deep knowledge of
      > such as for B-D
      > agriculture and medicine especially (it's in the 6th
      > of Health), but
      > only tapped into by reaching the deepest levels of
      > consciousness. Saturn in
      > the 10th House is often found in the charts of
      > Uranus, planet of
      > the unusual and upsets, is at the focus of a
      T-Square in
      > his 7th House,
      > meaning unusual circumstances for marriages---sudden
      > that end suddenly
      > too. Also, he has the Moon in Libra in the 12th
      House: that
      > means he almost
      > literally couldn't do anything without the right
      > He didn't assert
      > himself on others, like "This is what I want to do",
      > instead he waited
      > till someone had a need and then he acted for the
      > person.
      > And with Scorpio rising I'd hate to have seen him
      > mad.....
      > My two cents....
      > Starman

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