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Re: [anthroposophy] hard won understandings from an old fart

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  • Sieglunda
    ... Hello, Joel, I should thank you for letting me know the apparent reason used by Ark s moderator-owner to kick me off his list. Never did I even consider
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      > From: "Joel Wendt" <hermit@...>
      > To: <anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com>
      > Sent: Friday, July 19, 2002 5:52 PM
      > Subject: [anthroposophy] hard won understandings from an old fart
      > Dear Gerhard, and Martha,
      > Okay, so we have a discussion, and perhaps different understandings,
      > and the whole thing is resolved by quoting an authority, Rudolf
      > Steiner. Let's not bother to think for ourselves.
      > Righteous anger is real, and it doesn't have anything to do with being
      > "spiritually advanced" (whatever that is). It is about being filled
      > with the grace of the good, and called into action in relationship to
      > something happening within our immediate direct experience. Anyone can
      > experience it, and the remarkable thing is that it is a gift to those
      > who are on the receiving end. Generally they are outside themselves in
      > some way, and the fire they receive grounds them, and reminds them that
      > they too know the good.
      > George Washington could do it with silence.
      > One last comment on the idea of there being people who are spiritually
      > advanced, and that such folks have some kind of behavior we can expect,
      > or should imitate. In the consciousness soul age, and on into the
      > future, this distinction is no longer fruitful. We are not to look "up"
      > to others (our excessive sympathy is just as useless as our excessive
      > antipathies), but rather to remain within the horizontal gesture of the
      > Cross - as brothers and sisters, on a shared path, or not. It is our
      > humanity,and the truth out of ourselves (our own heart thinking, and
      > willing of the good) that enables development.
      > One can read all the books one wants, quote Steiner endlessly, have all
      > manner of ideas about Ahriman and angelic hierarchies, but only the
      > development of the human gemut (the I (eye) of the heart) becomes part
      > of the Eternal aspect of the "I am". I cannot carry Steiner's words
      > into the my next incarnation, only that which has been born in fiery
      > pain of moral human to human encounters and comes from my inmost core of
      > being.
      > I call Sieglunda, Sheila, because I know who writes those words, and
      > cherish the person hiding behind that identity. She believes, falsely,
      > that I should agree to her illusion, and should never disagree with her
      > lies and her confusion. What a terrible friend I would be, were I to
      > think it a kindness to ignore her addiction to this strange game she
      > plays on the internet.

      Hello, Joel,

      I should thank you for letting me know the apparent "reason" used by Ark's
      to kick me off his list. Never did I even consider this concept, and if I
      had, I would not have believed it. The Nazis, Russians, as well as many
      others we stand in horror of, also used this exact same method and very
      effectively, too, as it seems to have been in my case. No, Joel, I do not
      nor have I ever believed you should agree or disagree with anything about
      me.What a surprise all this is on top of everything else. This is about like
      the Ox River hanging! And you and everyone else on these lists call
      yourselves Anthroposophists? What would Christ say?

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