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Soul Calendar week 16 Valerie Jacobs

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      The Calendar of the Soul, for the reader, the artist, and the meditant
      Soul Calendar week 16 Valerie Jacobs


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      The Calendar of the Soul, for the reader, the artist, and the meditant.

      For those who are new to these verses: Rudolf Steiner the spiritual Scientist founder of Anthroposophy wrote them in 1913, one for each week of the year. Soon even soldiers read them on the trenches of the First World War as they were included in cigarette packets of the “Waldorf Astoria” brand, now they come to you as emails!

      Many people read them daily, devoting to them a few minutes of meditation. Alongside this working with the natural rhythms(breathing) of the text, other attempts to live with them exist, in particular an artistic approach.

      1.        Valerie Jacobs [b.31 March 1910 - d.6 March 2002] speech artist, painter and eurythmist did drawings in black and white inspired by these verses. Experiencing her drawings in exhibition or in book form, one is surprised how much life breathes through the whole series.

      2.        Dr Pfeiffer and Rudolf Steiner brought colour to these verses in version for stage performances. Colour stage lighting flooding above and below changes every few lines. Details are noted next to the verses. We might speak of a new yoga for the changes of warmer and cooler colours are a form of breathing.

      3.        Steiner drew choreographic forms in eurythmy for these verses, one or many for each week, always adding a prologue and epilogue to each verse. This is in tune with the ways of opening and closing a meditation. Furthermore, it gives literally new colour and new movement for it. He also gave archetypal sounds for each eurythmist to perform before and after the verse. This adds a new “Logos-mood” to the reading, a “meditative situation”. These “eurythmy forms” are like 52 sets of drawing mantra. *

      4.        Translating is an art form too, some times enabling the German speakers to discover afresh the original. Here is the translation of John Salter, a sculptor, a practitioner of black-and-white shaded drawing, and a friend of Valerie Jacobs.


      Valerie Jacobs Drawing:

      Lighting colours;

      Lines 1-2: ABOVE: YELLOW, foot lights: white.

      Lines 3-5: ABOVE: ADDING GREEN, foot lights: adding green.



      Original German:

      Zu bergen Geistgeschenk im Innern,
      Gebietet strenge mir mein Ahnen,

      Dass reifend Gottesgaben

      In Seelen gründen fruchtend

      Der Selbstheit Früchte bringen.




      John Salter’s translation:

      To bear within the spirit's gift

      Demands my growing awareness

      That ripening gifts of God

      In depths of soul maturing

      May yield their fruit to selfhood.



      Sounds/colours of 3 eurythmists:

      Before and after the verse the sounds** are:

      1: F/I/F/I, 2: I/F/I/F, 3: S/A/S/A.

      Throughout the colours are:

      1: LILAC, 2: GREEN, 3: RED.

      **The vowel sounds are as in the original German so in English: A is [Ah], E is [Eh], I is [ee], O is[Oh], U is [oo],

      and Ei is as in [by]

      Four mantric choreographic forms*:

      One for the prologue, two for the two lighting, last for the epilogue,


      We are working on more items relating to the calendar. The picture prints best in colour above 600pp Send yours or friend’s addresses to: Care for Eurythmy at eurythmy@...

      If you prefer not to receive a “Microsoft word” version as attachment, please reply to this email, asking for “no attachment”.

      *For more information on this, reply to this email with the object: “more eurythmy forms”.

      © C4E 2002

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