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Re: [steiner] Evolution of God

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    ... *******Well, I can put in my two cents worth, and others can perhaps use it as a springboard. First, one can notice how Steiner seldom uses the word
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      elredon@... writes:
      > Hello,
      > Any care to explain God? ...Johova, Yahwah, Allah, Christ...
      > I'm trying to understand the evolution of the gods re:
      > Anthroposophy.

      *******Well, I can put in my two cents' worth, and others can perhaps use it as a springboard. First, one can notice how Steiner seldom uses the word "God". I think this is because the Infinite Source of All is so truly unfathomable that even to hang a name on It is beginning to limit It and reduce It to a fundamentalist idea. The Buddha felt the same way. He said it was a state of being, not a Being or Force. Both Buddha and Steiner were therefore naturally accused of being atheists. In reality, Initiates understand the deeper meaning of the popular conceptions of their times and people (see for example Steiner's only book on religion, "Christianity As Mystical Fact"), and that it's far beyond the usual way of thinking. For example, Steiner said that most people having what they call an experience of 'God' are actually experiencing only an angel. The Divine is so far above that, that even the angels scarcely have 'words' for it.

      The 'gods', now, are a different matter. Between us and the Infinite are many levels of Being. Steiner used the names for them handed down from Paul via Dionysius the Aeropagite. The Gods are these beings, much higher than us but not to be worshipped in the way the true Source is. The source of the confusion about the Greeks being polytheistic and not monotheistic is from the word Theoi meaning both God and gods, both singular and plural---"the Divine". Same incidentally with the Hebrew Elohim (Lord God)---it is both singular and plural, as is appropriate for God for He/She/It/Them is above all such distinctions.

      But the bottom line is that we are pursuing a Path of Initiation. On the Path, how you think of things like the Divine must change and grow as you advance. "God" does not change but Man's ideas of God evolve. So the popular ideas were expanded in the esoteric schools of all ancient religions when one went for initiation into them.

      Above all, I think we have to get beyond the anthropomorphism that compares the Divine to a human being with "thinking", "will", etc. That's appropriate for children. Mankind is progressing beyond that. It's only approximately true to start with--- and I've observed it's but a short step from accepting that "God" has a "will" to believing you know what it is and can give orders for "Him"---as in Hitler, Bin Laden, and a long dreary list of others.

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