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  • evlogite
    Jun 20, 2002

      Robert Powell is a mathematician and historian of astronomy who has
      published works on the history of the zodiac and the planets. He was
      born in Reading, England and founded the Mercury Star Journal back in
      the 70's, if I recall. He was closely associated with Willi Sucher
      and was instrumental in having the Goetheanum reasess the work of
      Willi Sucher during Easter 1978 (it had been neglected uby Dornach up
      until that point in time). If you study the works of Lili Vreede and
      WIlli Sucher, you can see that Robert Powell continues many of the
      tasks that they set forth for a rebirth of star wisdom in this
      century (by Vreede).

      By the time that I first met him in 1978, Robert was studying
      eurythmy in Dornach and he had come across the work of Valentin
      Tomberg, whose Anthroposophical Studies on the Old and New
      Testaments, as well as the Book of Revelation were translated into
      English by that time. Robert made contact with many of those who had
      known VT (he died in the 70's, if I recall correctly) and became
      aware of a number of unpublished works of
      his. Robert translated the book, known in English as "Meditations on
      the Tarot." He is deeply connected to the spirit of this work and I
      might say, close to the inspirational source behind the book.
      Aside from work as a curative eurthymist, Robert is also co-founder
      of the Sophia Foundation of North America. I believe this is path is
      a resurrection of the mysteries of Isis, in a modern, esoteric
      Christian form. Robert has published a number of books in this vein,
      from his Hermetic Astrology series to his works on Sophia. He has
      developed his own form of Sacred Dance, which combines his work in
      the fields of sophiology, movement, and the stars. Robert Powell is
      a genuine spiritual force with a great creative output. One may not
      always agree with him, but his work is original yet traditional, but
      never derivative. I hope he doesn't mind me saying.
      RP lives in Kinsau, south of Munich. He is currently touring the West
      Coast, lecturing and teaching sacred movement.

      I would be remiss if I didn't include this:
      One of, if not THE central element in Robert Powell's work is the
      return of Christ in the etheric.


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      > macannadh@y... writes:
      > >
      > > Dear Starman: Am I being impertinent by asking for your
      > > judgment regarding the work of another teacher? If not, will you
      > > give forth on the work of Robert Powell?
      > >
      > *******Well, all I know of him is some articles on Astrosophy he
      wrote for
      > the Mercury Star Journal years ago and his book "Hermetic
      Astrology, Vol. 1".
      > I found it, like all the astrosophy I've yet read, to be all right
      as a
      > beginning of restoring the science of astrology, but too much
      merely derived
      > from lots of reading of Steiner rather than having any sign of the
      > insight into the levels of the cosmos that a real astrologer must
      seek for.
      > I've recently heard he's apparently made himself quite unpopular
      over some
      > things he's written, but I don't know what they are or why. I hear
      that he's
      > supposedly a follower of this fellow named Tomberg, who seems to me
      merely an
      > uninspired copycat of Dr. Steiner like Max Heindel (he rejected the
      > Anthroposophical Society to rejoin what he regarded as superior,
      namely the
      > Catholic Church---which I'd say speaks volumes about someone's
      level of
      > development, or rather lack of it). Perhaps someone here could tell
      us more
      > about Mr. Powell.
      > Dr. Starman
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