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953The Michaelic Use of Technology

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Jun 19 7:28 AM
      "...When in the final post-Atlantean epoch our culture, with its tendency to logic and calculation, comes to a climax, bringing no feeling of satisfaction but leaving those who may not have developed the spiritual within them to face their culture in utter desolation... people would ask themselves what they have gained and say:

      " We have high-tech equipment - undreamnt of by our ancestors - to transmit our thoughts all over the earth, yet what good does it do us? The most trivial, unproductive thoughts are sent hither and thither, and human ingenuity has to be strained to the utmost to enable us to transport from some far distant region, by means of all kinds of perfected appliances, something for us to eat; or to travel at high speeds round the globe. But in our heads there is nothing worth sending from place to place, for our thoughts are cheerless; moreover, since we have had our present means of communication, they have become even more cheerless than when they conveyed in the old snail-like fashion".
      --- Rudolf Steiner in Faith, Love and Hope, the Third Revelation to Humanity, Nuremberg, December 3, 1911

      *******We are already entering on this predicament with the Internet and mass communication with its "600 channels and nothing on." But technology is neutral; it can be used either positively or negatively. The guiding spirit of our Age is the Archangel Micha-El (all Archangels have "El", meaning the Divine, as the final syllable of their name so that's the proper pronunciation BTW), and this use of technology to spread the New Age truth we call Spiritual Science is the "Micha-Elic Use of Technology." I am grateful to hear you all using this list. Never think what you have to say may not be 'profound' or 'spiritual' enough to put here. If you're striving to see the world in a higher light, have confidence that the Spirit may speak through you in whatever measure.

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