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  • golden3000997@cs.com
    Jun 17, 2002
      Hi Carl,

      Oh boy... what am I going to DO with you kids!!! : )

      You can have money, passion, love, peace and all at once. In our culture, we
      are usually raised to believe (I certainly was) that spirituality and
      sexuality are opposites. Well, sexual activity is an act of will. Making
      money is an act of will. Meditation is an act of will. Loving God is an act
      of will (I'll define this shortly). The will of the human being is his or her
      most unconcious and at the same time, most powerful soul force. Ever been up
      all night with indigestion? That's what happens when their is a disturbance
      in the unconcious will forces governing our metabolism. Not fun. But
      definitely more concious. Well, becoming concious of other will forces in our
      lives can be almost as painful. However, respecting them and learning to
      "feed" them properly can result in increased vitality and soul health.

      What is the real problem here? Some kind of spark missing? Some magical
      chemical that isn't being produced? Not enough of ......? Energy? Time? Love?


      It is very, very simple - the lack of balance and rhythm in life. Somewhere
      (I can't remember where off hand, would have to look it up) Steiner said,
      "Rhythm replaces Strength."

      Let's say you want to play the piano. You could dream about it for years,
      listen to great recordings, read the biographies of great musicians and
      composers, get on lots of musical mailing lists, etc.. But if you really
      desire to participate, there would be some acts of will to accomplish -
      getting a piano (or keyboard), finding a teacher and going to lessons and
      ....are you ready for this?? Practicing!!!! Where all this gets you is
      dependent on a combination of natural ability and determined work. Some
      people, even after all this effort will let the whole thing dwindle away in a
      few months. Some people will find that they really were "born with" a talent
      that they never had put to the test before and they will go on to using it in
      unexpected ways in their life. Other people will learn enough to amuse
      themselves or their family and friends and will feel content with this. Etc.,
      etc and soforth..... : )

      Now consider this. Let's say you make the effort, get a piano, take lessons
      and are perfectly willing to practice regardless of how good or not so good
      you may become. But you do want to put in enough effort to make the whole
      thing worthwhile and get you at least to a competent level. Which would be
      better? Practicing all day, for 8 hours, every Saturday only? Or practicing
      every night of the week for half an hour? Which do you think would make for
      better progress?

      Yup, every day for half an hour. The rhythm of the daily practice allows the
      mind and the skill to develop at a healthy pace, each day's experience
      building on the one before.

      So, this lengthy example can apply to everything that a person might want to
      create or have happen in his or her life. A marriage? Enthusiasm - you read
      about it, see it in film & TV, talk about it, maybe see some bad examples and
      say " I can do better" maybe see some good examples and say " Gee that looks
      wonderful, I want that, too." The you meet THE ONE (after meeting lots of
      other "ones") OK, this one's a keeper - it's gonna be great (or else you got
      suckered into it, in which case we're not talking about will anymore). It's
      my SOULMATE!! My LIFE PARTNER!! My better half... my one and only... yada,
      yada, yada... you get the picture. You make the effort. You clean up nice.
      You figure out what he or she likes and get it/ do it/ watch it/ play
      it....... You do the bouncy-bouncy and oh do it feel good! (At least some of
      the time, or else - you got suckered - see above) OK, we're going for it, the
      rings, the dress, the gifts, the guests, et al. Now we done it - WOW. If
      only we were all Romeo and Juliet and we died right after our honeymoon, we
      would all have perfect marriages. Unfortunately......

      Hey, the energy lasts for a good while. The first year is great. Sure, a few
      battles and some real adjustments, but things still feel basically good.
      Practice? No problem - bring it on. Flowers, wine, candles, massage. Hey this
      marriage thing is not bad! Then fewer flowers, less wine, and "are you
      kidding, rub your feet? Do you know what kind of day I had???" Kids come.
      Jobs come and go. Friends and families come and go - usually the ones you
      want to come, go and the ones you want to go, come. But we got plans, we got
      dreams, we got goals. So we hitch our wills up by the bootstraps and plunge
      on. Some vacations, some interesting weekends, hey, we still know how to rock
      n roll.... : )

      Then eventually, we come to realize that things have really dwindled away.
      This marriage thing is getting pretty dusty over there in the corner. I
      really don't have the energy to practice tonight (been saying that for months
      now). Now and then we sit down and have a good long bang at it, but those
      Saturdays get fewer and fewer. Might as well sell the damn thing and get a
      home entertainment center instead. You do. Then one night, as you're sitting
      there watching (ALONE) you get this brilliant idea - "Hey, I'm gonna take up
      the guitar!!!"

      Is any thing here making sense?

      As for Steiner, Buddhism and Christianity - I really don't think he
      "embraced" them. I think he investigated them. And the kind of shallow
      wandering around in the puddles of spiritual knowledge that most people do
      today will never produce anything that will "TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO."
      Because it isn't about SHOULDS in the first place. Another "Herr Doktor"
      quote - from an old anthropop that I once knew is that a young woman came to
      Steiner and told him all about her problems or life situation. She concluded
      by asking "So, what should I do?" The only answer she got was, "My dear, the
      question is what WILL you do?"

      Read Herman Hesse's Siddharta. Understand that Gautama Buddha went to all
      phases of experience before he was ready for his bliss. He was an extreme
      ascetic (?) and an extreme materialist. The pendulum swings wildly in our
      lives from one to the other, little by little slowing down to a more moderate
      pace. For some, it just stops and for all intense and purposes their life is
      over. They have stopped trying and settle into a state of "quiet desperation"
      and wait to die. Others do wild things to keep the pendulum in motion,
      gambling, sex, drugs, one cult after another. Keep it moving, keep it moving.
      But there is another possibility. Do you know what a lemniskate is? a figure
      eight. In movement. Remember your Eurythmy, Carl? What if you were to take
      that pendulum and set it to swing in a lemniskate pattern. Sure, it would
      need a push now and then, but the rhythm would be a healthy one. There are
      energizing principles associated with it. They use it while creating
      homeopathic remedies. In and out, back and forth, breathing, moving,
      relating, healing, creating. Rhythmic movement, rhythmic breathing, rhythmic
      development. All nature lives by it and it governs them as law. As earthly
      creatures we are within its sway, but as spiritual human beings, we are not
      bound by it. We can choose (even unconciously) to ignore it, to defy it, to
      do our "own thing" in our own way. But it will have it's revenge, by its very
      absence in our lives. We will die, perhaps of illnesses created by our
      imbalances, knowing that we have not created what we came to create, we have
      not learned what we came to learn, we have not loved what we came to love.

      As for Christianity and sex? I think that will have to be for another time.
      Only by understanding the real nature of the Trinity can one understand the
      spiritual role of the male/ female energies, I believe.

      One more detail - it is NEVER - "That Person" - it is never "...something
      wrong with" (either you or them). The same cycle will repeat and repeat with
      each new person. You can go from Tin Pan Alley to Carnegie Hall, but you
      won't get any better music from the concert grand than you did from the old
      upright in your living room. It is your art alone that will be heard.

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