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940Re: [steiner] introduction

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  • Ashley Case
    Jun 15, 2002
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      thank you, christine!  i will respond in full tonight after i get my kids to bed, LOL.  is it okay for me to answer such detailed questions in the open forum here, or should i take it private?  i'd hate to hog the group or break group etiquette.
      let me just vent for a moment, though.  usually every saturday i am away all day at my waldorf teacher training.  we are on break for the summer now, and by 9:00 this morning i had already thoroughly remembered why i am separated from my husband.  his multiple-choice conversational style just makes me sick.  he has already admitted that he speaks this way so that he can have the correct answer to his credit.  i draw a breath to answer him, and the question has already evolved to B and C .. so i exhale and refuse to answer.  he has many forms of this behavior .  let me mention that is is an attorney (Columbia/Stanford educated).
      i'm on my way out to a baby shower now but will reply again later.  thanks!
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