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8Re: [steiner] To Lorraine

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    May 2, 2000
      >I'm very interested in your perspective on threefold issues, Dr.
      >Starman. I am also a former member of the Society who has become
      >discouraged. I need to write a formal letter of resignation, but have
      >been putting it off. I would like to do so, but haven't been able to
      >figure out what to say. The last Society function I was involved in
      >was the annual convention in Ann Arbor two years ago. My
      >husband and I thought we might be "recharged" from the experience and
      >also find our way back into active participation with an
      >anthro. group. My experience was to feel even more estranged and
      >disconnected. Maybe it's me that's changed. I don't really
      >understand it completely, but I do know that anthroposophy means as
      >much or more to me than it ever has. Why, then, do I find it so
      >hard to form satisfying associations with other anthroposophists?

      *******I recommend reading the pamplet "Social and Anti-Social Forces". a
      lecture from 1918. When we try to walk the spiritual path in the present age,
      we become very Luciferic, egotistic & anti-social. We have to take strong
      steps to counter this. Many people don't. It's the reason so many "spiritual"
      groups & movements go down in flames.

      > My instinct, when the opportunity arises to become involved with other
      >anthropops is to run, not walk, the other way! On the other
      >hand, I feel that anthroposophical involvements are essential for my
      >own growth. I have come to the conviction that progressive
      >spiritual beings work with groups, and that social involvements are
      >essential if one is to participate in laying the groundwork for
      >the 6th epoch. Maybe it's just too soon for that, but I have a
      >continuing compulsion to find a group of people with which to begin
      >to grow in this way (hence my interest in threefold ideas). What,
      >exactly, does this mean? What, exactly, do I want to find? What,
      >exactly, do I expect myself and others to be able to do? I don't know!

      *******Perhaps this kind of detached discussion is a good start. On thing for
      sure, don't allow yourself to feel 'compelled' into anything!

      As for 'threefold' I have found it to be a refuge for anthropops with
      failed political aspirations, usually the type who want to rail endlessly
      against others' success and actually are closet socialists: that's why it's
      become moribund.

      >>I have also been very involved with astrology. I've had a book on

      astrosophy for about 5 years and have yet to look at it. Astrology

      was my passion before I got married and had kids. I would immerse

      myself in it for days on end. That was no longer possible with

      crying infants, and I gave up active involvement out of frustration.

      It was just too painful to be "dragged out" every 20 minutes.

      Now that my kids are teenagers, I have begun reading some again

      (mainly Liz Greene). It's like a foreign language. If you don't use

      it, you lose it. Where once I could look at a chart and it would

      speak to me, now it's just a bunch of isolated elements and I have to

      work (very hard!) to form it into a picture.

      *******This sort of letting 'something die so it can be reborn in a new way'
      is not unusual. Let it arise again on its own time. Look at the Soul-Calendar
      stuff I've posted, perhaps, as a start.

      Dr. Starman
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