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797Re: [steiner] Body-free Thinking

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  • Carol
    Jan 1, 2002
      Again, thanks for the examples; they made it very clear to
      As long as I remember that the nature of the concept
      determines its relation to other concepts, I'll be in good
      shape. I keep leaving the realm of thinking and suffer the
      consequences...Great Examples


      --- DRStarman2001@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 1/1/02 2:58:50 AM, softabyss@...
      > writes:
      > << Happy New Year!
      > Steiner says:
      > "One will see that this organization can have no effect on
      > the essential
      > nature of thinking"
      > It seems to me that he is taking our research to the next
      > level. In my own
      > little way I can honestly say I have kept up with him
      > experientially so far,
      > but with this observation the thinking's essence as
      > independent of my
      > psycho-physical organization, he is stepping, I think, into
      > a realm of
      > Imaginative thinking. He describes observing how our
      > physical oranization
      > recedes when the activity of thinking approaches. How do I
      > observe this
      > receding? Is Steiner beginning to share his Imaginations
      > with us at this
      > point? And if so, must we, those of us who do not observe
      > these Pictures,
      > shift are approach to the study? Thanks
      > Carol >>
      > *******I think he's being quite literal. Thinking draws
      > concepts from the
      > ideal world, he's said, and matches these to the
      > perceptions given it by the
      > body. Therefore the body plays, simply, no part in thinking
      > ITSELF. When I
      > think "table", and then that this is a subset of the
      > concept "furniture", and
      > then that this is a subset of the category, say, "all
      > objects made of wood",
      > neither my body nor my brain has any part in that. This is
      > pure thinking,
      > where the next concept comes from the nature of the
      > relation of concepts to
      > each other, not me or my body or brain--- just as in
      > mathematics or geometry,
      > where the subjects are thought-entities themselves.
      > Mathematicians do
      > sense-free thinking, but do not realize that is what they
      > are doing...
      > mostly. There are exceptions, but materialism has darkened
      > even this clear
      > experiencing of the spirit directly in thinking, to the
      > point where people
      > don't recognize that it's a purely spiritual existence they
      > are leading when
      > they think in pure thought. Ideas are not to be explained
      > by this or that
      > structure or function of the brain; they have their content
      > and relation to
      > other ideas purely through thinking itself.
      > Starman

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