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796Body-free Thinking

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2002
      In a message dated 1/1/02 2:58:50 AM, softabyss@... writes:
      << Happy New Year!
      Steiner says:
      "One will see that this organization can have no effect on the essential
      nature of thinking"
      It seems to me that he is taking our research to the next level. In my own
      little way I can honestly say I have kept up with him experientially so far,
      but with this observation the thinking's essence as independent of my
      psycho-physical organization, he is stepping, I think, into a realm of
      Imaginative thinking. He describes observing how our physical oranization
      recedes when the activity of thinking approaches. How do I observe this
      receding? Is Steiner beginning to share his Imaginations with us at this
      point? And if so, must we, those of us who do not observe these Pictures,
      shift are approach to the study? Thanks
      Carol >>

      *******I think he's being quite literal. Thinking draws concepts from the
      ideal world, he's said, and matches these to the perceptions given it by the
      body. Therefore the body plays, simply, no part in thinking ITSELF. When I
      think "table", and then that this is a subset of the concept "furniture", and
      then that this is a subset of the category, say, "all objects made of wood",
      neither my body nor my brain has any part in that. This is pure thinking,
      where the next concept comes from the nature of the relation of concepts to
      each other, not me or my body or brain--- just as in mathematics or geometry,
      where the subjects are thought-entities themselves. Mathematicians do
      sense-free thinking, but do not realize that is what they are doing...
      mostly. There are exceptions, but materialism has darkened even this clear
      experiencing of the spirit directly in thinking, to the point where people
      don't recognize that it's a purely spiritual existence they are leading when
      they think in pure thought. Ideas are not to be explained by this or that
      structure or function of the brain; they have their content and relation to
      other ideas purely through thinking itself.

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