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785Re: [steiner] Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, Ch. 7

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  • Carol
    Dec 30, 2001
      Thanks for that summary, Dr Starman. I see that
      Steiner has established that there is no knowledge
      barrier to our being free beings, but I didn't think
      that we had yet established that we are, in fact,

      From my reading, at the end of chapter 7 we have
      answered the first question posed in the preface; we
      have established that, yes, there is a self-supporting
      foundation for knowledge through which we can know the
      world. But now we go on to actually begin examining
      the nature of our motives so that we may answer the
      second question of the preface: are we entitled to
      call ourselves free beings...

      This is not an argument on my part because I assume
      there is something for me to learn. I just wanted to
      state why part of your summary struck me


      --- DRStarman2001@... wrote:
      > So the first half of the book, and our study, draws
      > to a close. If you've
      > been reading each chapter starting without
      > preconceptions, what you've been
      > led to see is that there is no possible barrier to
      > our being free beings
      > because there's some imaginary 'subconscious ' or
      > other made-up entity that
      > acts instead of ourselves. There is no world of
      > 'real' knowledge hiding
      > somewhere behind our experience: instead we
      > experience the totality of the
      > world, as we are active in thinking uniting the part
      > of experience given us
      > by the body (perceptions) with the part given us by
      > the active spirit
      > (concepts and ideas). Steiner titled the first half
      > of the book The Science
      > of Spiritual Activity; tomorrow, as we prepare to
      > begin a new year, we'll
      > also begin the second half, entitled The Experience
      > of Spiritual Activity,
      > which likewise has seven sections. In this, we will
      > experience what it means
      > to face the world as a free being.
      > Starman

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