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  • Sena Fernando
    Sep 5, 2000
      Thanks for your message, Gisele, and I want to assure you that you
      are very welcome here.

      When I set up the group it was for for people who had read something
      of Steiner, felt there was something good there, but did not want to
      be forced to accept some dogmatic interpretation of his works. I now
      realize the welcome message is rather off-putting, and I have amended
      it to read, " for those interested in Steiner, but not necessarily
      paid-up members of the Anthroposophical Society".

      It is typical of organizations like the AS that they make you join up
      before you can attend the first class. I would have thought the more
      reasonable approach would be to teach someone about Steiner, then
      give them the option of joining.

      The part of Steiner's teaching which most appeals to me is his
      account of what happens after death in the Spiritual World, and how
      the Soul then makes the decision to return to the next earth life. Is
      the book you are referring to :"Life, Death, Birth, and
      Reincarnation" ? This is out-of-print, and the English version is
      very difficult to get hold of. If you still have it with you it would
      be great if you could share with us some of the important points in
      I look forward to hearing from you.

      --- In steiner@egroups.com, Gisele Deibeck <Fioredortica@Y...> wrote:
      > Hello moderator,
      > this is to briefly introduce myself, but first I need
      > to ask a question: does "paid-up member" signify
      > someone who works for the AS and is consequently paid?
      > Forgive my ignorance, English is my third language and
      > sometimes I still don't get some meanings.
      > Because as it were, I am a member of the AS in
      > Britain, but I don't work for them, so please let me
      > know my position in relation to this group.
      > About me, I became a member some years ago when I
      > found out that that was the prerequisite in order to
      > attend the first class... I might define myself as a
      > researcher in spiritual matters and Steiner philosophy
      > is the one for me since about seven years.
      > One day I was in a public library in London and was
      > looking for books on afterlife because my best friend
      > had just died, when this book literally fell off the
      > shelves; I picked it up, it was "From death to
      > rebirth" or something like that. From that book I
      > discovered so many things which sounded as if I had
      > known them before, they made sense.
      > I have read a lot since and I am also a great fan of
      > Waldorf Education, I mean the pedagogy, not the
      > schools themselves nowadays.
      > Please let me know if I can stay in this group.
      > Regards,
      > Gisele.
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