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  • starmann77@aol.com
    Sep 2, 2000
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      Here’s the "Soul-Calendar" for this 20th week after Easter. The Calendar's
      52 meditative mantras enable you to experience the 'astral' or soul events
      occurring within you in the course of the year. It's in the original German
      and in English.

      So fühl ich erst mein Sein,
      Das fern vom Welten-Dasein
      In sich, sich selbst erlöschen
      Und bauend nur auf eignem Grunde
      In sich, sich selbst ertöten müsste.

      So feel I first my Being
      That far from World-Existence
      In itself, itself loses
      And building only out of its own Ground
      In itself, itself must die.

      For those not familiar with the use of mantras:
      Anthroposophy intensifies the mind by the use of images called
      "Imaginations" which awaken 'spiritual sight', and mantras which begin
      'spiritual hearing' or "Inspirations". The meaning of the words of a mantra
      at first sight is not the essential thing, but rather reciting it and
      entering with deeper soul-forces into its inner experience.
      These mantras were also, of course, created in the German language and
      have their rhythms in that, so learning an English version is just a step to
      using the original. Steiner spoke of how German has preserved words lost by
      other languages, and could be for us today what Sanskrit was in olden times:
      THE language in which spirit-truths are expressed. In translating therefore,
      I’ve tried to keep close to the original, so that anyone can easily go from
      English to German.

      This week's mantram:
      This week one begins to feel one's self for the first time since 'losing'
      it in the light & warmth of the summer; but along with this is the feeling
      that oneself, isolated from the world, will perish along with all that one
      attempts to build from self, if that is the sole basis of one's creations.

      * T H E W E E K S P I R I T U A L L Y *

      In addition to the mantrams, the anthroposophical Soul-Calendar
      originally contained 12 drawings of the zodiac to be meditated on to sense
      the working of the solar forces in the cosmos in the day, and the Moon's
      position in the constellations was given for each night, to sense the lunar
      forces. The Sun, according to the Doctor, is under the influence of Leo from
      August 4th to September 7th (and then enters the influence of the Virgin) in
      our era. (Unfortunately we cannot send the symbolic images executed from
      sketches & indictations by the Doctor with this post.) The Moon positions and
      phases are listed below for each night, along with some of the birth & death
      days of famous persons published in the first ‘Seelencalendar’: their lives
      and contributions are fruitful material for contemplation on their days. I’m
      translating these to restore the Calendar to its intended use with the full
      spiritual/solar/lunar connections.

      Sunday September 3rd. Moon Libra. Eusebius.
      Monday September 4th. Moon Scorpius. Marcellus, School of Peter. Moses.
      Tuesday September 5th. Moon Scorpius. First Quarter. Nathaniel (he who in
      Gospel was named a 'true Israelite').
      Wednesday September 6th. Moon Sagittarius. Zacharias the Prophet. 1729 Moses
      Mendelssohn born. 1809 the Biblical critic Bruno
      Bauer born.
      Thursday September 7th. Moon Sagittarius. Regina.
      Friday September 8th. Moon Capricornus. Birth of Mary. Corbinianus, spreader
      Christianity in France & Germany in the 8th
      Saturday September 9th. Moon Capricornus. 1828 Tolstoy born.

      *******Dr. Starman
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