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  • George Thomas
    Oct 30, 2001

      I am George Thomas, currently living in Los Angeles,
      California, on the western coast of the United States.
      I stumbled upon this group after typing "steiner
      verse aquarius" into the Google search engine
      yesterday. I was looking to find a meditation by
      Steiner upon Aquarius. I am now most curious to
      obtain copies (electronically or otherwise) of the
      twelve zodiacal images attached to the first edition
      of the Calendar of the Soul.

      I originally came to Anthroposophy after an uneducated
      reading of "Cosmic Memory" while living in Missoula,
      Montana in 1992. I moved to Eugene, Oregon in 1993
      for the foundation year of the Teacher Training Course
      offered there. I was 20 at the time, and I believe
      one reason I was accepted to participate was that I
      had no immediate plans of being a Waldorf teacher. I
      was the school's janitor in exchange for my tuition.
      What a year and what an experience, the growth of
      which I continue to foster.

      Yours truly-
      George Thomas,

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