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625Re: [steiner] Digest Number 196

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  • jeff auen
    Oct 6, 2001
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      I am sorry to hear about your cousin. This puts a very personal connection on the event. Have you had any contact with your cousin and wish to share it?

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      << All that was needed was the first paragraph, dear Starman.

      There was no place for such a post on this list. To reply further
      only served to "dignify" the vitriolic argument.

      I greatly await your enlighten posts, so could we please return to our
      spiritual purpose?

      Jeanne >>

      *******Sorry---my cousin was a policeman in NYC who was helping people out of
      the South Tower when it came down on him. We had to have a funeral for him
      without a body.

      So when people pop up trying to justify it, that hits a nerve.

      How about some discussion here, anyhow? Where's everyone been?


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