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620Re: [steiner] Bush & Bin Laden

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Oct 5, 2001
      More from the "Blame America First" school of organized whining.

      nicholasd9@... writes:
      >>>The U.S. response to September 11 seeks to benefit elites in the U.S.,
      and, to a lesser degree, around the world. There are various goals... (To)
      Channel fear and anger to cut education, social services, health care, and
      other socially desirable

      *******Um... first off, this has NOTHING whatever to do with anthroposophy;
      and second, an elementary look at spiritual science would reveal that one of
      its pillars is that the governement ahd NO PLACE "funding" and controlling
      education. So this poster clearly knows nothing of Steiner, and is just using
      the list for this venomous bile.

      --> Deny and even aggravate just grievances around the
      world when doing so serves corporate interests even if
      it also fuels the despair that breeds terrorism....

      *******So in other words if you keep these people from killing all Jews, you
      deserve to have innocent people bombed. I see.

      >>> Avoid defining terrorism as any attack on
      civilians for political ends, to avoid indicting the
      U.S. and its allies.

      *******Like to tell us what civilians the big bad ol' US has been attacking

      >>>That last little proviso -- that they must avoid
      clearly defining terrorism -- is the Achilles heal of
      the entire undertaking...U.S. policy makers are terrorists too.

      *******You don't know how to spell the word "heel"---perhaps the words
      "hyperbole" and "demagoguery" are unknown to you as well. So our elected
      officials are "terrorists", hmm? Are all cops "pigs" too? All soldiers

      >>>Many feel this is the worst of times for leftists. <<

      *********You seem to still manage to spew your poisionous gibberish fine.

      >>>>...[They're trying to] convince populaces worldwide that there is a
      long-term war we must fight (the same war that was at the core of Reagan's
      foreign policy twenty years ago), which requires a massive allotment of
      resources and energy, plus lock-step patriotism....

      *******So it's all a right-wing conspiracy, eh. Would you care to explain why
      Tony Blair is leading it then?
      There IS a long-term war, between the forces of freedom and progress and
      those of backwardness. Since you're on the side of the latter (Marxism),
      you'll never see it.

      >>>On September 11, I wrote:
      "In coming weeks we may suffer a kind of celebration
      in America, a celebration of security and of power, a
      celebration of surreptitious information retrieval, a
      celebration of arms growth, and perhaps of
      assassination, all described as virtuous goals rather
      than uncivil abominations, all touted as if the terror
      victims will be honored rather than defiled by our
      preparing to entomb still more innocent people
      around the world....

      *******'Innocent' people like Arab Muslim extremists that assassinate all
      Jews and Americans on orders from Bin Laden, incinerate office workers, etc.?

      This gets my vote as the sickest post by a hate-filled leftist I've seen
      in the past month. I hope this guy crawls back under whatever rock he crawled
      out from under.

      >>>Alienation, poverty, disease, starvation, death
      squads, and terror-these and other atrocities stem
      from basic institutions. The institutions must become
      our lasting target. >>

      *******So all our institutions are evil and therefore those folks deserve
      what they got? I vote we deport this guy to Afghanistan.

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