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612Re: [steiner] Incarnating Evil in the World

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Sep 24, 2001
      >>>....US policies have created
      terrorist groups and have resulted in de facto
      terrorism against hundreds of thousands of innocent
      lives. The CIA trained Osama Bin Laden and other
      terrorists groups to serve its interests in Afghan war
      versus the USSR. In the process, the CIA resurrected
      jihad or “holy war”, a concept that was last used in
      the 10th century... <<

      *******The writer is in a world of fantasy. First, name one terrorist group the US has created, please. This can be done only by Orwellian distortion of the meaning of the word 'terrorist' to apply to soldiers fighting a war against other uniformed soldiers, it seems to me. Second, the 'jihad' or Holy War was invoked against Israel and its Western supporters in the 1967 and 1973, by Iran against the US in the 1970s and by Iraq against the West in the 1990s. 'Not used since the tenth century', indeed.

      And for the last time, Osama bin Laden was a wealthy Saudi converted to fundamentalist Islam who went ON HIS OWN to Afghanistan to join a Holy War of Islam against 'godless communism'. As a multimillionaire, he needed and received no 'financing' from us. He was never controlled or even associated with the CIA, by his own words. He and the US BOTH financed the freedom fighters in Afghanistan---we so they could be free, he and his buddies to turn Afghanistan into the Dark Ages, and his side took over after defeating the Soviets by killing the opposition leaders of the other mujahedeen who were not backward like the Taliban, whom EVEN THE IRANIAN MUSLIM LEADERS look down on as 'medieval'.

      Feminists have complained for years about the lawyer's strategy of 'blaming the victims'. I for one would like to hear them and everyone else respond to this disgusting strategy being used by anti-freedom ideologists to denigrate the memory of the innocents killed by fanatics.

      Start justifying murder and terrorism, and you have left all 'spiritual' thought behind, whether you call yourself an 'anthroposophist' or whatever.

      This was a crime, and the perpetrators will be hunted down and prevented from ever doing it or anything like it again.

      And as for this:
      >>>...Ahriman prepares his “incarnation” by, among others, fostering illusion, division, half-truths, and materialism in society...<<<

      *******That is sure true--- but the writer is saying that we in the free world are the ones creating illusions and half-truths. From my perspective, it seems to me the most dangerous falsehoods were given out by the Ahrimanic Lenin and his ilk... and the materialistic distortion of the spirit called present-day 'fundamentalist Islam' (where 'heaven' has 72 prostitute women waiting for brave warriors, and all the other literally-interpreted symbolic scripture) is just a continuation of the same, a corrupt half-truth being used for the same purposes by the same type of hate-filled souls who want to squelch all freedom.

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