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596Calendar of the Soul, 19th Week

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Aug 19, 2001
      For those new to the 'Calendar': the cycle of the year can be a meditation
      in itself, through which you can sense the Beings that are behind the
      changing seasons, and Steiner gave out the 'Calendar of the Soul' to do this.
      It's made up of 52 meditative mantras enabling one to consciously experience
      the 'astral' (soul) events occurring within you as well as in external Nature
      in the course of the year.

      The 52 mantras are well known to many anthroposophists, but the original
      Calendar in 1912 ALSO contained 12 images of the zodiac (to be meditated on
      to sense the working of the 'solar' forces in the cosmos in the day) and the
      Moon's position in the constellations was listed for each night (for sensing
      the 'lunar' forces), as well as a list of saints and other spiritual figures
      to meditate on connected with specific days of the week, because the
      entrances and exits of human spirits are also connected with the cosmos and
      Time. We're presenting all that here each week---this has not been done since
      1912 and is available nowhere else.

      First, this week's meditative mantra in the original German and in

      * M A N T R A # 1 9 *

      Geheimnisvoll das Neu-Empfang'ne
      Mit der Erinnerung zu umschliessen,
      Sie meines Strebens weitrer Sinn:
      Es soll starkend Eigenkräfte
      In meinem Innern wecken
      Und werdend mich mir selber geben.

      Mysteriously the newly-received
      Within the Memory to enclose,
      Be my Striving's wider Sense:
      It will strong Self-forces
      In my Inner awaken
      And becoming me, my Self give.

      Interpretation: In the Summer we take the Divine into us while drinking
      in the treasures of the senses, so that the cosmos will itself 'awaken' in us
      later, in Winter. Last week, as this process progressed, we felt a need to
      widen the soul-life to join it to this 'seed' placed in us, and to find
      strength for the future when spiritual forces will use us as their
      instrument. This week's mantra is of feeling how we strive to place this
      'seed' into our Memory, to be the basis for a new way of feeling our Self in
      that future time.

      The Moon positions and phases for the week are listed below along with
      some of the spiritual figures connected with the days. Attached to this post
      is the JPEG image of the sign Leo---the Doctor said the Sun is under its
      influence from August 4th to Sept. 7th in our era.

      Sunday August 19th. Moon Leo. New Moon. 1662 B. Pascal died.
      Monday August 20th. Moon Leo. 1854 the Philosopher Schelling died.
      Tuesday August 21st. Moon Virgo. Sigismund.
      Wednesday August 22nd. Moon Virgo. Hippolytus, Christian teacher of the 3rd
      Thursday August 23rd. Moon Libra. Claudius.
      Friday August 24th. Moon Libra. Barnabas, the companion of Paul.
      Bartholomew, the Christian Apostle to India.
      Saturday August 25th. Moon Skorpius. Ludwig IX of France, the Crusader.
      1900 Nietzche died. 1844 Herder born.

      Dr. Starman

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