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5826whatever is going down in the Ukraine (cross-post)

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  • Robert Mason
    Apr 28, 2014
      Question for discussion:
      Let us try to discern what is really happening. 
      As RS kept telling us, in effect, events can't
      be explained by looking merely at the physical
      world, especially in politics.  For example, he
      pointed out how Edward Grey and Lloyd George
      were under occult mind control at critical
      times.  And he said that Woodrow Wilson was
      somehow "possessed" (my word) by Ahriman.
      I presume that such shenanigans have continued
      since Steiner's time; this would explain a lot. 
      For instance, consider FDR.  He came from the
      political *milieu* of banker-finance capitalism
      and opposition to "Middle Europe", but basically
      he was an unprincipled opportunist.  He was
      controlled by The Powers That Be, sometimes by
      ordinary means, but also, I presume, by occult
      means.  Thus, in world affairs, he drove US
      actions and policy so as to empower the Soviet
      Empire -- not because he was literally a
      "Communist", but because that's what TPTB
      wanted then.
      And I presume that key politicos are still
      under occult mind control.  Of course, the
      usual means of political control are exerted
      on the (supposed) leaders, especially in the
      "West", but I don't believe that these means
      can explain everything.
      Down to the immediate present:  What the
      West is doing in the Ukraine seems to be
      stupendously stupid on the surface.  Trying to
      provoke a war, hot or cold, with Russia?  A
      war the West can't win?  What goes?
      Obama was put in place because he has a knack
      for giving “neuro-linguistic programming”
      performances while reading from a teleprompter,
      because he has the right skin tone for
      politics in the modern USA, and because he is
      an empty suit who can be manipulated.  Now,
      Obama, Kerry, Nuland, et al. might be as
      stupid as they seem to be, but TPTB behind
      them are not so stupid.
      And take Putin:  Some people seem to believe
      that he is a sincere Orthodox Christian and
      Russian patriot, but I don't quite buy into
      that.  He came from the KGB, and the ghoulish
      talisman of Lenin's preserved body continues
      to radiate evil from the center of Russian
      state power.  Putin has done nothing to get
      rid of this evil talisman.  Perhaps somewhere
      under all the cupidity lurks a glimmer of
      real Russian patriotism, but I believe that
      someone or something is still pulling Putin's
      strings -- just as Obama's strings are being
      So what is the real agenda at work here? 
      Maybe the "West" will be satisfied with just
      the 90% of the Ukraine that they have captured
      now?  Or if Russian moves, with the 80% or
      even 70% that will be left?  That's still
      quite a "coup" for the "West".  The factotums
      of TPTB might make a lot of noise about
      "Russian aggression" and so on, but they would
      be satisfied to leave the table with those
      winnings, if real war can be avoided. -- Is it
      that simple?
      Or is something deeper going on?  Maybe TPTB
      are ready to take down the USA/EU hegemony,
      and Russia too, so as to leave China standing
      as the big power in the world.  THEY have
      been building up China for a long time now
      anyway, and maybe now comes the payoff?
      Or, if nukes are a-poppin’, that would take
      care of the purported population problem,
      while the elites hunker in their bunkers?
      Or -- maybe something even more devious and
      sinister? -- I don't know?  Any ideas out
      Robert Mason

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