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  • L. K. Landru
    Jul 19, 2000
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      Thanks for the welcome.

      As you mentioned, I live in Alaska, so when I visit the lower 48, I always
      spend time in bookstores. (Our shopping experience is fairly limited in
      Fairbanks.) My last trip out, end of May, I happened to run across books by
      Steiner and was immediately drawn to them. I bought all five books that they
      had. Since then, I have found 6 more at a used bookstore here in town. So
      far, I've read Intuitive Thinking, half of Anthroposophy (A Fragment), and
      am presently reading How To Know Higher Worlds. I've also read a few of his
      lectures in the various other books.

      I've always been interested in metaphysics and esoteric writing, but have
      been drawn more to the Western tradition than to the Eastern. Steiner's
      ideas fit very closely with my own philosophy and with other approaches I
      have studied. I look forward to sharing these ideas with others and learning

      I also wanted to thank Dr. Starman for sharing the mantras. At first the
      translations seemed very awkward to me; they didn't flow. But as I compared
      them to the original German, I began to have a better sense for the meaning.
      The interpretation became more "inner" than intellectual, more whole than
      linear. Unfortunately, I don't speak German, so trying to recite the mantra
      in German would be a travesty of pronunciation! I'll have to combine a
      spoken English version with the holistic sense I get from the more literal
      German translation given if I want to recite the mantras.

      Best Wishes,
      Lynell Landru
      lk@... <mailto:lk@...>

      "We shall not cease from exploration
      And the end of all our exploring
      Will be to arrive where we started
      And know the place for the first time."
      --T. S. Eliot, "Four Quartets”
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