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  • Tancredo Neto
    Dec 23, 2013
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      Well, do you have a blog or a web page? I think this is necessary.

      Second idea: you must participate in many movements that may have some relation to the movement you want to create. Not only religious, but political, artistic, economic, anything that is related to change for the better. So you may contact people own their own grounds, first, and then attract them to your ideas, as you show them that you can explain in a better way what they are searching for.

      But I think you will have to contact a lot of people individually, until you know them one by one, and have a relationship of trust in one another. That would take time. Maybe your first step would be to form a group of people, not exactly centered in your sun worship idea, but in creating a mass consciousness movement.

      The sun worship would be the center of a sevenfold movement, but this would not be presented in the beginning. The idea would be to create a mass consciousness movement.

      The periphery would be contacting people on their own grounds and creating a good relationship of trust and intimacy with them. And uniting movements, of introducing one person from one movement to another person of another movement, to create a link between the two movements. After all, you live in a city, in a day to day basis, and you are not (I suppose) a professional revolutionary, with all your time at your disposal to do these things. And even if you were, you would have to be at one place at a time, meeting person to person, as I said.

      The final result would be a double movement, from periphery to center, and from center back to periphery, where the action would happen in the daily reality of politics, movements, festivals, speeches, etc.

      I think you must have a webpage or a blog, well organized, with links to your “manifestos”, so you can talk more directly about the material problems that the mass consciousness movement must solve and just show the link to the more esoteric ideas, without mixing everything in a way that only people that study Rudolf Steiner will understand.

      The way you mix information and problems is interesting, but I think you must have things more organized, to start working at the periphery, in a sevenfold movement to the heart of the Sun (I’m quoting a song from the band YES, see below).

      Like Wilhem Reich did in Germany. He met the women, the young people, and talked with them about their worries (virginity, unhappy marriages, etc.), and then he would create links to the powers that perpetuated those problems to their advantage. It took a lot of hearing, a lot of conversation, a lot of patience. It would useless to talk about Freud or Marx in the beginning. He had to talk about their problems, without “abstract”, intellectual solutions.

      So you would have to contact more groups, with more concerns: ecology, economy, feminism, artistic movements, etc. The global point of a mass consciousness movement would have to respect their interests. I think there are lots of groups in your city. And you won’t attract lots of people if you just expose your ideas. I liked very much what you talk about the Sun. Do you happen to know the music of  progressive rock band called YES? Listen to their song AWAKEN, if you don’t know them. It has a lot of relations with what you have written.

      I liked your e-mail and I understand your good intentions. But I think you must have a better organization of your presentations. A mass consciousness movement and and esoteric sevenfold dialectics are topics that must be treated in different spaces. That’s the reason why I think you need a good blog or web page.

      Don’t forget to listen to AWAKEN, if you still don’t know YES. I learned a lot about the Sun powers as I tried to understand their lyrics. (TALES OF TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS, to be more exact.)

      All best,

      Tancredo Braga, from Brazil.

      2013/12/21 Robert Mason <robertsmason_99@...>

      Yes, I am presenting another of my attempts at
      "sevenfold thinking".  I'm posting on the day of
      the farthest retreat of the Sun in the Northern
      Hemisphere; if you read even a little of the
      essay, you will see the irony.

      I am still seeking colleagues in the effort
      toward sevenfold thinking.  But, as I say in
      the post, even if you don't care about 7fold
      thinking, you still might want to take a look. 
      I tackle a big problem, one that really needs
      to be solved.  And I do believe that I have a
      glimmer on a solution, though, as you can see,
      I end with another problem:  how to put this
      solution into practice.  I don't have a clue,
      so I am very open to suggestions from readers
      about this hanging question.

      I gathered much more "material" than I could
      use; I had to leave a lot out.  And I got the
      appendices confused; I just got confused
      generally.  Finally, I decided to call a halt,
      and to give out what I had written.  So, I am 
      open to comments, suggestions, and questions
      about the substance of the post, about the
      exposition, the "flow", even about the
      "mechanics" and the grammar.  (But be
      forewarned:  I do have my peculiar preferences
      about style.  For instance, I place punctuation
      outside quotation marks, unless the punctuation
      was already in the quoted passage.  And I might
      leave a sentence as a fragment, without a verb. 
      I might put a preposition at the end of a
      sentence.  And so on.) 

      Of course, I am writing (at first) to
      Anthroposophists, as one who is struggling with
      Anthroposophy.  And so in my attempt I am
      concerned mainly with the Anthroposophical
      soundness (which of course includes the
      soundness of the thinking).  But I also hope
      that at least the upshot of this reasoning will
      eventually, somehow, get out to a wider public. 
      Thus, I am also looking for some enlightenment
      as to how that upshot might be taken by the
      wider public.  This reflects back to that
      question of how to put my solution into
      practice.  I want to start a mass movement. 
      Again, I don't have a clue about how to do this,
      and I am really asking for some help here.

      gosh still more 7fold thinking

      ABSTRACT:I consider the problem:  "How can the
      mass Consciousness Soul be awakened?"  I follow
      the steps:
      1.  The "instinctive" Consciousness Soul
      "should" be manifesting, especially in the
      English-speaking peoples.
      2.  But, evidently, this manifestation is not
      3.  This failure is not natural, but is brought
      about by deliberate, nefarious means.
      4.  I "behold" a picture of the Consciousness
      Soul receiving reverence.
      5.  I consider that mass reverence might awaken
      the mass Consciousness Soul.
      6.  I sense that mass sungazing might induce
      such mass reverence.
      7.  I conclude that the practice of mass
      sungazing might awaken the mass Consciousness
      Soul, but I am left with the question of how to
      bring about such a practice in the public.


      Herewith I present my latest attempt at
      "sevenfold thinking".  The reader can find my
      previous attempts here: 
      -- scroll down to the section on "Wrestling
      with the Sevenfold Dialectic" and follow the
      links.  I don't intend to repeat here much of
      what I have already written about the 7fold
      dialectic, so the reader, if he does not already
      know of this concept, might wish to read at
      least the first few essays linked there, to get
      some idea of what the "7fold dialectic" is.  And
      I do assume that the reader has an understanding
      of at least the basics of Anthroposophy.  If the
      reader doesn't, he might wish to go to my first
      and then read the "basic books" mentioned in the
      bibliographic section there.

      But even if the reader not be interested in the
      7fold dialectic as such, he still might wish to
      read the following here.  For I do take on a big
      problem, one that really needs to be solved. 
      And I do think that I have a glimmer on a
      solution, a possibility that many readers might
      wish to consider for its own sake.

      I write about a socio-political problem from the
      viewpoint of the USA.  That's where I live, so 
      I know about the situation here better than that
      in most countries.  Anyway, the USA seems to be
      the locus of the main problem itself, for a lot
      of reasons.  And more, like it or not, for
      better or for worse, the fact is that what
      happens in the USA affects the whole world,
      especially in the socio-political realm.  The
      reader can try to apply my comments *mutatis
      mutandis* to the situations in other parts of
      the world.


      -- The question I have before me:  How can the
      mass Consciousness Soul be awakened (especially
      in the USA)?

      According to Bondarev, the natural metamorphosis
      of thinking has an archetypally sevenfold
      structure (the "sevenfold dialectic"):
      1. thesis
      2. antithesis
      3. synthesis
      4. beholding (*Anschauen*)
      5. perception of the Idea
      6. individualization of the Idea
      7. unity of this individual and the general


      The mass Consciousness Soul should be emerging
      now, especially in the English-speaking
      countries.  Man should stand on his own feet in
      the socio-political sense.  Steiner's
      fundamental definition of the *Consciousness
      Soul* comes from his "basic book" *Theosophy*:

      (NOTE:  The English word *soul* is not an exact
      equivalent of the German *Seele*.  See
      *Theosophy*, Chpt. I.2 for a discussion of what
      Steiner means by *soul*.  Here Steiner defines
      *Consciousness Soul* in contrast to *Sentient
      Soul* and *Intellectual Soul*.  Of course, I am
      dealing here with English translations of the
      original German terms, with all the defects that
      translations entail.)


      (*Theosophy*, I.4)

      "By thinking, the human being is led above and
      beyond his own personal life. . . . . What is
      recognized as truth by means of thought has an
      independent significance that refers to the
      things of the world, and not merely to one's own
      soul. . . . By grasping the truth, the soul
      connects itself with something that carries its
      value in itself. . . . As it is with the true,
      so is it with the truly good. . . . What the
      soul carries within itself of the true and the
      good is immortal in it. Let us call what shines
      forth in the soul as eternal, the consciousness
      soul. . . . The consciousness soul is thus
      distinguished as a member of the soul distinct
      from the intellectual soul, which is still
      entangled in the sensations, impulses and
      passions. . . . The truth is true even if all
      personal feelings revolt against it. That part
      of the soul in which this truth lives will be
      called consciousness soul."  (See Appendix 1.) 


      But in the preceding passage Steiner was
      speaking of the *Consciousness Soul* as she
      develops in the individual human being.  When he
      speaks of the *mass* Consciousness Soul as she
      should develop especially in the English-
      speaking people, it seems to me that he means
      something slightly different; at least to me the
      comparison is problematic.  For the mass this
      development is said to be "instinctive", and of
      course, almost by definition, instincts are
      unconscious.  So, in a sense, this mass
      Consciousness Soul is the opposite of
      "conscious".  I think that when Steiner speaks
      of the instinctive tendency to develop the
      Consciousness Soul he means the gradually
      emerging inclination for Man to "stand on his
      own feet" as an individual in the socio-
      political sense.  Here is some of what Steiner
      says about this:


      (*Challenge of the Times*; Dec. 8, 1918) 

      ". . . . English-speaking peoples . . . . The
      spiritualized instinct to develop the
      consciousness soul exists nowhere else in the
      world as it does among the English people. . . .
      the striving of the individual person to stand
      upon his own feet, this is an instinct. . . .
      Politics are dominated wholly by the instinctive
      impulse . . . . instincts are always rooted in
      self-seeking. . . . rooted, and rightly, in the
      self-seeking and egoism . . . ."  (See Appendix
      2 for a more complete quotation.)


      Please note that Steiner said "English-speaking
      peoples".  He meant to include the USA, and he
      makes this more explicit elsewhere.  But there
      are special aspects about the USA, which he also
      discusses elsewhere.  A brief example:  "Through
      living in the Consciousness-Soul man is banished
      to the physical plane, although not so strongly
      in the British Isles as in America."  (*Sound
      Outlook*: Lecture VI: "Problems of the Time
      (I)"; 30th July, 1918; Berlin; GA181)

      And Steiner was speaking in the context of his
      conception of cultural evolution, that the
      Consciousness Soul is to come to expression
      especially in the present stage of that
      evolution.  He says, for instance:


      ("Social and Anti-Social Forces in the Human
      Being"; 12th December, 1918; Bern; GA186)

      ". . . . the English-speaking people . . . . are
      organized for the Consciousness Soul through
      their blood, their birthright, and their
      inherited faculties. Because the English-
      speaking peoples have been especially prepared
      for the cultivation of the Consciousness Soul
      they are, in a way, representatives of the fifth
      Post-Atlantean period."

      ". . . . the British Empire - that which is
      hidden in the impulses of its people exactly
      coincided with the inner impulses of the age."

      "It is only from the English heritage that a
      foundation for the political thinking of the
      fifth Post-Atlantean period can come. The
      English are specially suited to the realm of
      politics."  (See Appendix 15.)


      Steiner contrasts this development of the
      "English-speaking" world (i.e. as paradigmatic
      of the "West") to the tendencies inherent in
      other parts of the world, especially the
      "Middle" (i.e. Central Europe) and the "East"
      (i.e. Russia in particular).  (*Spiritual Soul*
      is an equivalent term for *Consciousness Soul*.)


      (*The Fundamental Social Demand of Our Times*;
      LECTURE 5; 21st December, 1918; Dornach; GA186)

      ". . . . our age is characterized especially by
      the development of intellectuality, and that in
      the Western - especially the English-speaking -
      peoples, this intellectuality comes to
      expression in such a way that it acts, as it
      were, instinctively. Whereas in the Middle
      peoples, intellect does not work instinctively -
      in fact, to begin with, it is not innate in them
      at all; they must acquire it by education. . . . 
      the peoples of the East  . . . . There, the
      evolution of intellect comes to expression in
      such a way that, to begin with, the Eastern
      peoples actually recoil from it."

      - - -

      (*Fundamental Social*; Lecture 3; "The
      Metamorphosis of Intelligence"; 15th December,
      1918; Dornach; GA186)

      "Within the English-speaking population the
      Intelligence is instinctive. It works
      instinctively. It is a new instinct that has
      arisen in the evolution of mankind; the instinct
      to think intelligently. The very thing the
      spiritual soul will have to educate, the
      Intelligence, is practiced instinctively by the
      English-speaking people. The English people has
      a native talent for the instinctive exercise of
      the intelligence."  (See Appendix 3.)


      It seems to me that here Steiner means
      *intellegence* as the kind of cleverness that is
      natural and necessary in modern scientific-
      technical society:  thinking "intelligently". 
      And in that, the English-speaking peoples
      develop instinctively what must come to the fore
      in the present cultural age, the age of the
      Consciousness Soul.

      But such instinctive development is not
      altogether conducive for the "good" of forward
      evolution; it also has negative aspects.  And
      these negative aspects are markedly conspicuous
      in the American side.  (Steiner means the USA in


      (*Sound Outlook*; Lecture VI; "Problems of the
      Time"; 30th July, 1918; Berlin; GA181)

      ". . . . the Ahrimanic fear, the holding back
      from the spiritual, makes itself felt especially
      in the culture of the West, and particularly in
      the element of American civilization.

      "What I am now speaking of as 'Americanism' (as
      collective concept, not applying to individual
      Americans), is fear of the spiritual, the
      longing to live only on the physical plane . . .
      . The mark of Americanism is fear of the
      spiritual . . . .

      ". . . . we should abjure the apotheosis of
      Americanism in which we have so long and old son
      [sic; scanning error?], and perceive that this
      particular element will become more and more
      active is a real, deep-seeded evil, because fear
      of the Spiritual is its main characteristic. . .
      . especially evil element arising from

      ". . . . what I call Americanism, which tends to
      produce greater and greater fear of the spirit,
      making the world a mere opportunity for living
      in the physical.

      "In these forces of Americanism lies what must
      actually bring the earth to them [sic; scanning
      error?] end, destruction dooming it at last to
      death , because the Spirit will be shut out from

      - -- -

      (*Sound Outlook*; Lecture VII; "Problems of the
      Time" 6th August, 1918; Berlin; GA181)

      ". . . . Americanism, which wishes to carry the
      transient into the future."  (See Appendix 4.)


      Here Steiner was speaking in Central Europe
      around the time of the First World War.  The
      British-American complex of allies "won" that
      war, and power devolved upon the British-
      Americans.  But with that power came a
      responsibility, which Steiner pointed out:


      (*Mysteries of Light*; Lecture III; "Historical
      Occurrences of the Last Century"; 14th December,
      1919; Dornach; GA194) 

      ". . . . the actual victor is Anglo-Americanism;
      and this Anglo-Americanism, through the forces
      which I have publicly characterized here is
      destined for world-dominion.. . . The
      responsibility . . . becomes all the greater on
      the other side [i.e. the Anglo-American "West"];
      that is where the actual responsibility will
      rest. . . . the responsibility will be something
      of deep significance for souls. For the question
      is already written down in humanity's book of
      destiny: Will there be found among those upon
      whom the external dominion devolves as by an
      external necessity, a sufficiently great number
      of people who feel the responsibility, so that
      into this external, materialistic dominion, into
      this culmination of materialistic dominion, may
      be transplanted the impulses of the spiritual
      life? . . . this dominion of materialism bears
      within it at the same time the seed of
      destruction. The destruction which has begun
      will not cease; and 'entering upon external
      dominion' means taking over the forces of
      destruction, the forces of human illness, and
      living in them. That which will bear humanity
      into the future will come forth from the new
      seed of the spirit, and will have to be
      fostered. Therefore, the responsibility rests
      directly upon that side to which falls world-
      dominion." (See Appendix 5.)


      ("The History and Actuality of Imperialism";
      Dornach, Switzerland; February 20 1920)

      ". . . . in the west, in the Anglo-American
      world, all human tradition will become empty
      phrase. Therefore the responsibility exists to
      fill the empty vessel with spirit, about which
      can be said: 'This kingdom is not of this


      Thus, to my understanding, according to Steiner 
      the Anglo-American peoples and world
      instinctively develop the Consciousness Soul in
      her socio-political aspect, of the tendency of
      the individual to "stand on his own feet".  With
      this instinctive aptitude, political power
      naturally flows to the Anglo-Americans.  But
      there is a negative side to all this:  the
      "intellectuality", the materialism, and the
      "fear of the Spirit" are dangers that threaten,
      especially for the "American" element.  And with
      this power comes responsibility:  to bring the
      Spirit into world-culture in our age, or to fail
      to do so, and thus to bring culture toward

      Despite the negative possibilities (again
      according my understanding of Steiner) the
      present, rightful evolution of this cultural age
      should naturally come to expression among the
      English-speaking peoples, including the USA-
      Americans.  That development should be the
      manifestation of the Consciousness Soul in the
      mass.  This aspect of soul might not be quite
      the same as she is in the developing individual,
      who "works on himself", but she does at least
      bring Man to "stand on his own feet" as an
      individual and to think clearly, such as
      thinking is understood in the general culture.


      But the observable fact is that, in the USA
      especially, Man is not coming to stand on his
      own feet as an individual, not even to seek his
      own selfish interests in the socio-political-
      economic sense, or even to think
      "intelligently", as thinking is generally
      understood.  In general, the mass of people are 
      submitting to control by a small minority of
      those who hold power.  This powerful minority
      has its center mainly in the economic realm, and
      this financial supremacy is leveraged also into
      social, cultural, and political power.  This
      country (the USA) still has some of the forms of
      a political order that is "democratic" in the
      broad sense, mainly as an inheritance from the 
      country's founding (but also rooted in the soul
      qualities of the people).  We still have, for
      instance, freedom of speech (even in the NSA is
      listening), freedom of religion, and some
      remains of the freedom to keep and bear arms --
      but the overall tendency has been toward the
      accumulation of power in the hands of the few,
      and toward the submission of the many.

      In fact, there seems to have been a marked
      retrogression in "democracy" in the two-plus
      centuries since the country's founding. -- To
      take a glaring example, one plain to view:  the 
      institution of the privately owned central state
      bank.  The basic facts could hardly be the
      subject of a "conspiracy theory"; these facts
      are very public.  I will note just a little
      about the situation in the USA. 

      Soon after the formation of the first government
      under the present Constitution, a privately
      owned central bank was established by Federal
      law.  Some prominent people, such as the third
      President, Jefferson, opposed this, but the
      charter for this bank was renewed after twenty-
      some years.  (Some suggest that the War of 1812
      was a retaliation for the initial refusal to
      renew the bank's charter in 1811.)  There still
      was considerable opposition; in 1836 President
      Andrew Jackson fought against the "open
      conspiracy" of the privately owned central bank;
      he said then:  "If the American people only
      understood the rank injustice of our money and
      banking system - there would be a revolution
      before morning..."

      A lot of years have passed since President
      Jackson's statement, and one might have hoped,
      considering the putative advances in the
      political Consciousness Soul, and given the
      putative advances in education and
      communication, that the privately owned central
      bank would, like slavery, have long ago become
      only an embarrassing historical memory.  But
      this is not so; on the contrary, the privately
      owned central bank (as the falsely so-called
      "Federal Reserve System") is still very much
      with us.  (See, of many:
      And not only has there been no revolution, even
      moderate reformers such as Ron Paul and Dennis
      Kucinich can't get much "traction" on this issue
      in the usual political process.  As President
      Jackson said long ago, understanding is the key. 
      The problem isn't that banking is really so hard
      to understand, the problem is something else. 
      But what is this "something else"; why haven't
      "the people" come to understand even such a
      simple and obvious pernicious injustice as the
      privately owned central bank?  Why hasn't
      consciousness, i.e. "understanding", advanced
      even that much since 1836?

      That's the big question here:  why don't "the
      people" understand; why do they consent to
      something so obviously against their own,
      "selfish", interest?  There was opposition to
      the privately owned central bank in the early
      years of the Republic, and basic monetary policy
      continued to be an issue of mass politics even
      into the early Twentieth Century, but since then
      there seems to have been a retrogression in
      public consciousness on this question.  (The
      last major politician to "make an issue" of
      monetary policy was William Jennings Bryan. 
      Maybe Goldwater was leaning that way; but he
      seems not to have said much about it.)  The
      "Fed" has been in power for a century, and in
      that time it has not even been a subject of
      contention in mass politics.  The sheer, blatant
      obviousness of the swindle is so gross that one
      must wonder how "they" can get away with it, and
      keep getting away with it. -- From looking only
      at this question of public policy, the
      "Consciousness Soul" of the mass of Americans
      seems to dimmed since the founding of the
      Republic.  Instead of awakening, the mass
      Consciousness Soul seems to be going into deeper
      sleep.  This is counter-evolutionary, but it
      seems to be happening; why? 

      To take another example, perhaps not so open,
      but still fairly obvious. -- In 1963 President
      John Kennedy was assassinated in public, in
      broad daylight.  The official story that
      followed was a cover-up, and was subsequently
      seen to be so by the vast majority of the US
      public, as has been shown by many polls.  So, on
      that account,  the cover-up might seem to have
      been a miserable failure; hardly anyone believes
      it.  But on the other hard, all this hardly
      matters, apparently.  Even after all the years
      since 1963 the "power structure" that carried
      out the assassination and the cover-up is still
      in place.  No one was ever held accountable
      (even the New Orleans DA's prosecution of a very
      minor player was a failure); no one responsible
      was ever removed from office; no basic policies
      were ever changed.  Year after year, election
      after election, the American public keeps
      returning the agents of the same "power
      structure" to . . . well, power.  So, on second
      thought, rather than a miserable failure, the
      cover-up appears to have been an outrageous
      success.  Despite the public's rejection of the
      official story, the public seems utterly
      incapable of seeing the consequences and of
      taking even the most obvious remedial actions. -
      - Again, what's going on here?

      Flash forward 30-odd years to the evident,
      violent elimination of President Kennedy's son,
      JFK Jr.  In this case the "op" and the cover-up
      were so successful that the body went under with
      hardly a ripple of public suspicion, much less
      indignation.  Even with the advances in
      communication (the advent of the Internet and
      WWW), the public questioning and speculation,
      compared with that surrounding the death of JFK
      Sr., has been minimal, at best.  Granted, JFK
      Jr. was not President, and thus was easier to
      "get to", and the op was much less sloppy --
      still, given the increases in communications and
      (putatively) in consciousness, one might have
      hoped for more public questioning and turmoil
      surrounding the death of JFK Jr. -- Again,
      something is going on here, but what?

      Yet again:  consider the 9/11 calamity. 
      Compared to the removal of JFK Jr. only a few
      years before, this was a huge "op", and no
      matter how sophisticated, it was so leaky that
      the truth has fairly bled out in rivers.  Still,
      apparently, despite these rivers, the general
      public accepted the big lie, enough even to have
      allowed wars to be waged on the basis of that
      lie. -- One might feel oneself sinking into
      despair:  what's going on here?

      -- I would venture that, Anthro-wise, what we
      see here is the reverse of the expected, or
      hoped-for, emergence of the socio-political
      Consciousness Soul:  we see here the appallingly
      effective suppression of the Consciousness Soul,
      on a mass scale.  The Internet has been full of
      talk about this problem, though mostly not in
      Anthroposophical concepts.  A lot of people have
      caught on to the fact that something is
      suppressing the consciousness of the mass of the
      people; perhaps all such explanations could be
      brought under the designation of *mass mind-
      control*.  Evidently, some kind of mass mind-
      control is at work, and the disheartening fact
      is that mass mind-control *works*.  (Just a
      couple of illustrations:  The public in the USA
      seems hardly to grasp that their government is
      killing people on the other side of the world,
      by "drone strikes".  And in the case of the
      "chemtrails" the consciousness of the public is
      so paralyzed that they literally can't see what
      is right in front of their eyes.  It is truly
      amazing how "well" mass mind-control works.)

      Many components of this campaign of mass mind-
      control have been exposed; this campaign has
      been going on for a long time, and it is getting
      more sophisticated all the time.  Even without
      occult insight, many observers have noted such
      factors as these (just google around):
      -- mass propaganda, through the "press", and  
      even more effectively through electronic   
      -- so-called "education"
      -- electromagnetic pollution
      -- food adulteration
      -- vaccination
      -- fluoridation
      -- hellish, degrading "music"
      -- chemtrails
      -- cell phones and "cell towers"
      -- drugs, both legal and illegal
      . . . . This list is hardly complete, but a
      complete one would go on and on, depressingly.

      (I have mentioned only a few examples; they
      could be multiplied greatly. For a few more
      examples, see Appendix 6.)

      I don't want to take a lot of space here
      belaboring the obvious; much has already been
      said and written about these facts.  In general: 
      The evidence from observation of politics etc.
      (especially in the USA, but also in other
      English-speaking countries, and around the
      world) is that people are not standing on their
      own feet; they are being manipulated and
      exploited by the socio-economic-political
      "Powers That Be"; the people are passive
      mentally and are being led against their own
      (selfish, egotistical) interests. 

      Bottom line:  the mass Consciousness Soul is
      failing, and not by chance, but by design. 
      Even, or especially, where, according to the
      Anthroposophical view of cultural development,
      she should be coming to the fore: in the realm
      of American politics she is still failing.  To
      come back to the most obvious example of the
      private central bank:  US history is full of
      opposition movements against the private central
      bank and even against political conspiracies. 
      Some presidents were elected who opposed the
      central bank, and at least one, Jackson, acted
      against this bank and even lived to tell about
      it.  (Though an assassination was attempted
      against Jackson, and others, e.g. Lincoln, 
      Garfield, and Kennedy were in fact
      assassinated.)  And for a while, there did exist
      an "anti-Masonic" political party, and it did
      actually get a few officials elected. -- But
      such examples belong to the past history of the
      Republic.  Despite the opposition, the power
      elite did win and persisted in power; today's
      opposition movements pale in comparison to those
      earlier in our history.  On the face of it, it
      would seem that the mass Consciousness Soul has
      regressed rather than progressed.

      That's the sum of the antithesis:  the manifest
      regression rather than the progression of the
      mass Consciousness Soul, exactly where she
      "should" be manifesting.


      What can be done about all this?  That was my
      original problem:  how can the mass
      Consciousness Soul be awakened?

      The first question might be:  how does the
      suppression "work"?  If that could be answered,
      then the countermeasures might become apparent.

      The most obvious observation:  the suppression
      works through the deadening of the mind through
      "propaganda" in the worst sense of the word,
      through mass mis-education, through mass
      degradation of culture, etc.  (In the USA,
      Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud,
      literally "wrote the book" on propaganda nearly
      a century ago, and such methods have been put
      into practice widely, with much effect.)  But
      this suppression also works is slightly less
      obvious ways, on the border between the physical
      and the psychic, through  poisoning of all
      kinds:  chemical, biological, electromagnetic,
      etc. But we need to look beyond the kind of
      "science" that is generally known, and to the
      occultic.  The political power elite is at core
      occultic, behind the more noticeable power that
      is financial, political, etc.  *Occult*
      literally means *hidden*, and what is hidden in
      this case is a working knowledge of the soul-
      spiritual realms.  The true, inner power elite
      know of these matters, and they deliberately
      keep such knowledge hidden from the masses, for
      a number of reasons, but mainly so that the
      masses can be manipulated against their own
      welfare.  Some outside observers have already
      divined this fact, and a lot of such discussions
      are already on the Internet.  We could say that
      the "secret" is already out, and it is hidden
      only from those who don't wish to see, or are
      incapable of seeing.  And it is the concern of
      the political power elite to make sure that the
      mass of the people are unable to see.

      But with information gleaned from Anthroposophy,
      we can see deeper.  (For instance, Gennady
      Bondarev has fairly recently written much about
      the occultic power techniques, in his *Crisis of
      Civilization* -- the English translation of
      *Anthroposophie auf der Kreuzung der okkult-
      politischen Bewegungen der Gegenwart*; in
      Russian:  *ANTROPOSOFIYA na skryeshchyenii
      okkultno-politichyeskikh tyechyeniy
      sovryemyennosti*   See:
      For the Russian, see:
      But going back to Steiner --

      The occultic political-power manipulations have
      been going on for centuries, at least.  Here is
      some of what Steiner said during the First World


      (*Karma of Untruthfulness II*: Lecture
      Seventeen; 8th January, 1917; Dornach; GA174)

      "Parallel with the democratic stream there came
      into being the use of occult motives in the
      various secret societies - in isolated cases,
      also Masonic orders. In their purposes and aims
      these are not, of course, spiritual, but there
      developed, let us call it, a spiritual
      aristocracy parallel to that democratic stream
      which was at work in the French Revolution; the
      aristocracy of the lodges developed. To see
      clearly as a human being today, to be open to
      the world and to understand the world, it is
      necessary not to be dazzled by democratic logic
      - which has a place only in its own sphere - by
      empty phrases about democratic progress and so
      on; it is necessary also to point to that other
      stream which asserted itself with the intent of
      gaining power for the few by means that lie
      hidden within the womb of the lodge - the ritual
      and its suggestive influence. It is necessary to
      point to this also.

      "This has been forgotten during the age of
      materialism . . . . The lodges knew how to find
      channels through which to impress certain
      directions on people's thoughts. Once a web like
      this has been spun . . . the button need only be
      pressed for things to be set in motion.

      "Emancipation from all these situations, and the
      impartial embracing of humanity as such, only
      really came about under the influence of such
      great spirituality as developed in German
      philosophy . . . .

      "In western culture over the last few centuries
      preceding our own day you will easily find many
      ways of demonstrating how the character of ideas
      in the exoteric world stemmed from the esoteric
      thinking of the lodges."


      Thus, during the time when the "democratic"
      political forms were coming into practice, there
      was also a "parallel stream" opposing the
      "democratic" principle.  An occultic power elite
      was also seeking rule, and effectively.  This
      power elite worked through mass mind-control,
      through "impress[ing] certain directions on
      people's thoughts".  And this was accomplished
      long before modern technologies came along,
      through ceremonial magick.  Here is something
      else that Steiner revealed then:


      (*Karma of Untruthfulness II*: Lecture Twenty
      One; 20th January, 1917; Dornach; GA174)

      "Imagine certain secret societies carrying on a
      form of ceremonial magic directed towards its
      grey or black aspects. . . . Imagine they
      influence their members in a way that affects
      even their physical body, even the delicate
      vibrations and weavings of their physical body,
      so that something spiritual flows into this
      physical body.

      "What is the consequence? The consequence is
      that something now comes about which was
      suitable in earlier periods of human evolution
      but is no longer permissible today. Such
      procedures make it possible for the spiritual
      world to influence those human beings who
      participate, even though they do not turn
      towards it along the path I have described. This
      means that it becomes possible for the dead, as
      well as other spirits, to influence the members
      of a circle created by ceremonial magic.

      "Imagine a number of people brought together to
      form a certain brotherhood. . . . through the
      acts of ceremonial magic we [the members of the
      "brotherhood"] perform, they [the dead in this
      "circle"] work into our bodies. Because of this
      we gain greater power than we have; because of
      this we are enabled to exercise a certain degree
      of magical power over other, weaker people who
      stand outside such brotherhoods. When we speak
      words, when we give a speech, these dead souls
      work in us because we have been prepared by
      sharing in these acts of ceremonial magic.

      "It is one thing if somebody who simply
      participates honestly in the cultural processes
      of our time gives a speech in parliament or
      writes a newspaper article. But it is something
      entirely different if a person who belongs to a
      circle of ceremonial magic, and is thus
      strengthened by the power urges of some who have
      died, gives a speech in parliament or writes an
      article for a newspaper. The latter exercises an
      immensely greater degree of influence in the
      direction of his wishes than would be the case
      if he did not have this backing."


      So, all the while, during the development of
      ordinary, "democratic" politics and procedures,
      something else has been working into them:  the
      black magick of unscrupulous power elites who
      are "in the know".  The speeches and written
      articles of such people are far more powerful
      and influential than are the speeches and
      articles of those who do not practice such
      magick, in part because some dead spirits are
      maneuvered into adding to the "suggestive" power
      in those speeches and articles.  That is the
      kind of mass mind-control that has been put into
      effect for centuries; the "democratic" processes
      have always been subverted.  The tendency of the
      mass Consciousness Soul, of Man "to stand on his
      own feet" as an individual, to seek his own
      interests in politics, has always been opposed. 
      This in itself is nothing new; there has long
      existed the hidden rule of the many by the wily
      few with occult knowledge.  Steiner again:


      (*Karma of Untruthfulness I*: Lecture Eleven;
      26th December, 1916; Dornach; GA173)

      "In certain countries editorial offices - I mean
      this as a picture! - have a respectable door and
      a sliding door. Through the respectable door you
      enter the office and through the sliding door
      you enter some secret brotherhood or other
      working, as I have variously indicated over the
      last few days, to achieve results of the kind
      about which we have spoken."


      That was said in 1916, when, of course, almost
      the only kind of "mass media" that existed was
      the "print press".  But what is new is the rise
      of more sophisticated techniques of mass mind-
      control.  A more powerful means of physically 
      working on the mass subconscious -- "movies" --
      was only beginning.  Even more powerful means --
      such as television -- have now become world-
      wide.  These more visual media, through
      adjustment of "flicker rates" and so on, put the
      viewer into a passive mental state merely by 
      their psycho-physical properties, and thus the
      message, which comes, directly or indirectly,
      from the "secret brotherhoods", dives into the
      passive, subconscious minds of the mass public
      with even more "black magickal" power than it
      ever could through merely the printed word.  And
      now come the still more powerful and less
      understood media of the Internet, Wi-Fi, and so

      Again, I don't want to take a lot of space here
      belaboring the obvious.  Such psycho-physical
      methods of rendering the mass mind passive have
      been much discussed, especially on the Internet. 
      And the concentration of power in the "mass
      media" and the "message" of mass indoctrination
      serving the interests of the political-economic
      power elite have also been much discussed. 
      There has even been some discussion of the
      occultic agenda behind these manipulations. 
      Anyone can search the Internet and find plenty
      of talk in this vein.  But my point here is that
      the insights of Anthroposophy are needed for a
      real understanding of the true motives behind
      all these manipulations of the mass mind.  The
      true motives are not merely money and power in
      the usual sense; the motives are far more
      profoundly anti-evolutionary, from an
      understanding of cosmic evolution that is
      "occult" (i.e. hidden) from the wider public.

      In brief (and in part), Steiner tells us that
      the "brotherhoods" in the English-speaking world
      have esoteric insight into the great forces
      shaping history and into the innate capacities
      of West, Middle, and East.  (Ultimately, the
      members of these "brotherhoods" pursue a kind of
      "immortality" in realms outside the "normal",
      Godly ones.)  These power-societies seek, with
      great success, to guide events so that the
      English-speaking world -- that is, the
      especially Ahrimanic impulses of it -- becomes
      dominant in politics, economics, and culture
      throughout the world.  These aims are certainly
      not for the benefit of the mass of the English-
      speaking peoples; indeed these masses must be
      manipulated and tricked into working against
      their own better interests.  That is, the
      emergence of the mass Consciousness Soul must be
      suppressed, so that the mass of the people do
      not "stand on their own feet" as individuals in
      the socio-political sense.

      Going back to my original question, and taking a
      pro-evolutionary standpoint, I might say that
      the mass of people need to be educated about
      what is really happening.  Even with the control
      of the mass media, at least the Internet is now
      getting the information out there.  But that's
      not enough; the Internet has been here almost
      twenty years, and the people haven't woken up
      yet.  The obvious (getting the information out)
      is already being done, and it's still not
      enough.  Something more needs to be done, if
      there is to be an awakening of the mass
      Consciousness Soul; something that is not so

      It seems that this "something" must include a
      means of counteracting the subtle (psycho-
      physical and black-magickal) methods of
      suppressing the mass Consciousness Soul.  But
      the problem here is:  these methods have been at
      work for a long time and have much money and
      "influence" behind them; an effective antidote
      would have to work without much money and
      cultural power behind it.  Those people who see
      the problem and want to fix it are relatively
      few and don't have much money and other forms of
      power in society.  This is the crux of the
      difficulty in coming up with a "fix"; and
      ordinary thinking seems not to be able to solve
      this conundrum.

      (Perhaps this "black magick" might be countered
      by "white magick"? -- For all I know, and from
      what I would expect, this is likely already
      being done in esoteric ways.  And the exoteric
      religious movements are already practicing the
      "while magick" of prayer.  But again, to
      observation, all this is still not enough; the
      mass Consciousness Soul is still not taking
      effect in mass culture and politics.  Such
      "white magick" is all to the good, but I would
      say again:  something more needs to be done.)

      One might say that there are some hopeful signs. 
      For instance, as recently as September 2013 the
      political administration in the USA made a big
      push for a US attack against Syria -- but this
      push failed, for obscure reasons.  Perhaps there
      were external considerations, such as the
      ominous reactions from China and Russia, but
      likely there were also internal considerations: 
      mainly, the lack of enthusiasm in the US public. 
      Other than in the pro-Israel "lobby", there was
      almost no support among the US people for such
      an attack.  Usually, the influence of the pro-
      Israel lobby alone is enough to get something
      done, but it wasn't in this case; perahps the
      majority of the people were just too sick and
      tired of Mid-Eastern wars? 

      Maybe there might be a small glimmer of hope
      that the mass Consciousness Soul is not quite
      dead, but only a small glimmer.  The power elite
      is still very much in power, and still is
      seeking its nefarious goals.

      (For a few more hopeful signs, see Appendix 16.)

      I believe that there is hope; otherwise, I
      wouldn't even bother to write this.  But the
      hope is strained:  the power elite still have 
      power, and the mass Consciousness Soul is still
      being suppressed.  A minority of people are
      working to counter this elite.  Some information
      is getting out, and some people are even
      countering the subtle, "etheric" effects of mass
      psycho-physical deadening.  (See, for instance, 
      <ethericwarriors.com>.)  But IMO such efforts,
      though good and necessary, are not adequate: 
      the Powers That Be are still very much in power,
      and the mass Consciousness Soul is still
      smothered.  Something more needs to be done to
      awaken this Consciousness Soul, something more
      powerful; but what?

      So, even with occult insights gleaned from
      Steiner, I can't find an answer to my original
      question through ordinary thinking.  I am faced
      with a problem that apparently can't be solved
      by ordinary thinking.  I need some kind of
      "higher" insight.


      Again:  after thinking through this problem, and
      staying with it for months and months, I had
      only come to the temporary conclusion that the
      ordinary ways of trying to solve this problem
      were not effective; something more was needed. 
      But I didn't know what this "something more"
      might be.  I knew the template of "7fold
      thinking" from Bondarev; I knew that the next
      step was "beholding":  seeing the essence of the
      problem in mental imagery.  I was hoping that I
      could reach this next stage, and that it would
      point me toward a solution of the problem.  I
      did, from time to time, "get" some mental
      images, but none that seemed helpful.  (See
      Appendix 9.)

      Finally, after months of getting nowhere, I
      started to make progress, so it seemed to me.  I
      "saw" a mental image, which I took to be the
      Being of the Consciousness Soul; feminine, in
      robes, or in various other garbs.  And then:  I
      saw a picture of someone, a masculine figure,
      before Her in a prayerful attitude, with
      pressed-together hands, in a pose of reverence.

      It struck me:  Yes, of course; the soul is
      archetypally feminine; it was natural that I
      should "see" the Consciousness Soul as a womanly
      figure.  And the idea of reverence "rang a bell"
      in my mind:  didn't Steiner say somewhere that
      reverence is the educator of the Consciousness

      And I thought:  Yes; maybe now I'm onto
      something.  Is "reverence" the answer to the
      problem of the awakening of the mass
      Consciousness Soul?  Maybe I was seeing the
      answer in a picture.

      THE IDEA:

      Steiner does say that reverence is the educator
      of the Consciousness Soul.  For instance: 


      (*Metamorphoses of the Soul --Paths of
      Experience*; Vol. 1; LECTURE 4; "The Mission of
      Reverence [*Andacht*]; Berlin; 28th October

      "The Sentient Soul can live without being much
      permeated by thinking."

      "In the Intellectual Soul [*Verstandesseele*],
      accordingly, we do not find indefinite feelings
      arising from the depths, but feelings gradually
      penetrated by the inner-light of thought."

      "Indeed, everything that constitutes logic is
      first proved through feeling, by the infallible
      feeling for truth that dwells in the human

      ". . . . reverence becomes the educator of the
      Consciousness Soul."

      ". . . . the Ego is drawn gradually into the
      Consciousness Soul by the influence of

      "Thinking itself cannot lead the soul out; this
      comes about through devotion, but thinking must
      then immediately exert itself to permeate with
      the life of thought the object of the soul's
      devotion. In other words, there must be a
      resolve to think about this object."

      "Thus we see the need for a means of education
      which will lead the Ego into the Consciousness
      Soul and will guide the Consciousness Soul in
      the face of the unknown, both the physical
      unknown and the unknown supersensible.
      Reverence, consisting of devotion and love,
      provides the means we seek."

      (This lecture deserves to be read in its
      entirety.  It is here: 
      in English.  See also Appendix 18)


      Thus, Steiner does indeed aver that the
      Consciousness Soul is awakened by reverence. 
      And it's not hard to see why:  The Sentient Soul
      lives merely in feelings and sensations.  In the
      Intellectual Soul thought is awakening, but it
      is still not objective; subjective feelings and
      desires falsify this thinking so that such
      pseudo-thinking regards as "true" what satisfies
      these feelings and desires.  Only in the
      Consciousness Soul does this pseudo-thinking
      become real thinking, so that objective Reality
      becomes the criterion of Truth, regardless of
      subjective, personal wishes or feelings.  But
      the soul is moved first of all by feelings; she
      is the very vehicle of feelings in experience. 
      So, if the soul is to pursue objective Truth
      despite  subjective feelings, some higher
      feeling must move the soul in that direction. 
      This "higher feeling" is reverence:  the feeling
      of love and devotion toward "something higher"
      than the merely personal.  Once the soul really
      wants the objectively Real, the Truth,
      regardless of personal wants, then she can
      become the instrument of true thinking, which in
      inherently objective.  But first she must be
      moved by a feeling, in this case the "higher"
      feeling of reverence.  In fact, as Steiner says:

      ". . . . everything that constitutes logic is
      first proved through feeling, by the infallible
      feeling for truth that dwells in the human

      In the human soul, ostensibly, the "feeling for
      truth" must come before the "logic" of Truth.

      But here Steiner seems to be talking about the
      individual Consciousness Soul as she is
      developed in the striving seeker.  One might
      contend that Steiner is not talking about the
      mass, "instinctive" Consciousness Soul.  Indeed,
      instincts are inherently subjective, "self-
      seeking" desires; what do they have to do with
      objective thinking that seeks Reality?  One
      might say that the very idea of an instinctive
      Consciousness Soul is a contradiction in terms.
      -- It is true, it seems to me, that Steiner
      means something slightly different from the
      individual Consciousness Soul when he speaks of
      the "spiritualized instinct to develop the
      consciousness soul" that arises in the English-
      speaking peoples.  (It seems that the individual
      Consciousness Soul is more like what he mentions
      as that to which the "Middle" has to be
      educated.)  As far as I know Steiner does not
      directly address this contradiction.  In this
      "instinctive Consciousness Soul" the
      "intelligence" that develops instinctively is
      not, seemingly, quite the same as the true,
      objective thinking that is the essential
      characteristic in the individual Consciousness
      Soul.  An intelligence that is driven by
      instinct, that is, by subconscious, personal
      desire, cannot be entirely as objective as the
      impersonal thinking that is energized by

      So, does what Steiner says about "reverence"
      apply to this mass, instinctive Consciousness
      Soul?  He doesn't, as far as I know, say
      explicitly, but what is implied? -- One might
      ask, first of all, whether the mass
      Consciousness Soul is wholly divorced from the
      individual Consciousness Soul.  And it would
      seem that the answer must be *no*, for, despite
      all the seeming differences, Steiner does after
      all use the same term *Consciousness Soul*;
      there must be significant similarities.  The
      "instinctive" Consciousness Soul manifests in
      the capacity of Man to "stand on his own feet"
      in the socio-political realm and to develop
      "intelligence".  These capacities are not as
      developed as they would be when manifesting in
      the individual Consciousness Soul, but they are
      similar.  In the individual Consciousness Soul
      the primary capacity, and essential activity, is
      thinking directed toward objective Truth,
      regardless of personal desires.  This activity
      is a kind of "intelligence" that cannot be
      corrupted by desires, as they might be at the
      stage of the "Intellectual Soul".  And more,
      such activity would make the practitioner free
      of control, even influence, from those who might
      seek to control him; he would in fact "stand on
      his own feet" as a thinker, subservient to no
      one and to no influences other than the will to
      find objective Truth.  Thus, it might seem that
      the "instinctive" tendency to develop the
      Consciousness Soul could be a forerunner of the
      true, individual Consciousness Soul; only that
      "instincts" are inherently subconscious and
      egotistical.  And so, as it were, the
      unconscious Consciousness Soul is but a dim
      precursor of the conscious Consciousness Soul, a
      predecessor that is brought about "naturally",
      through instincts (that is, by the influence of
      the Gods in human evolution), but one that still
      might be further developed into an individual
      possession and attribute.  I might say that in
      this case the evolving human instincts lead the
      human being to doorstep of the true
      Consciousness Soul, but it remains for the
      individual, through his own efforts and moral
      decisions, to open the door and walk in.

      But again: it is apparent that what "should"
      happen, especially in the English-speaking
      peoples, is not happening; the "mass Man" is not
      "standing on his own feet" even in a self-
      seeking way in the socio-political sense.  The
      mass individual is submitting to control, even
      against his own selfish interests.  Ultimately,
      this "control" is mind-control, and I have
      already discussed some of the means by which
      this is brought about.  Again, the more evident
      means of mass mind-control, the cultural and
      psycho-physical ones, have been widely
      identified and discussed; the less obvious ones,
      the occultic, the black magickal, have been
      identified and discussed

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