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572Calendar of the Soul, Week 5

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  • starmann77@aol.com
    May 13, 2001
      For those new to what the 'Calendar' is: the cycle of the year can be a
      meditation in itself, through which you can sense the Beings that are behind
      the changing seasons, and Steiner gave out the 'Calendar of the Soul' to do
      this. It's made up of 52 meditative mantras enabling one to consciously
      experience the 'astral' (soul) events occurring within you as well as in
      external Nature in the course of the year.

      These 52 mantras (for which Steiner later gave the eurythmy forms) are
      well known to many anthroposophists, but the original Calendar in 1912 ALSO
      contained 12 images of the zodiac (to be meditated on to sense the working of
      the 'solar' forces in the cosmos in the day) and the Moon's position in the
      constellations was listed for each night (for sensing the 'lunar' forces).
      There was also a list of saints and other spiritual figures to meditate on
      connected with specific days of the week, because the entrances and exits of
      human spirits are also connected with the cosmos and Time.

      We're presenting all of that here each week. This has not been done since
      1912 and is available nowhere else, as far as I know. I have the original
      'Calendar' in German and am translating it section by section, and I also
      have the 12 Zodiac images done by Magaret Roessler (after Imma von
      Eckherdstein's originals).

      This week's mantra in the original German:

      Im Lichte, das aus Geistestiefen

      In Raume fruchtbar webend

      Der Götter Schaffen offenbart:
      In ihm erscheint der Seele Wesen

      Geweitet zu dem Weltensein

      Und auferstanden

      Aus enger Selbstheit Innenmacht.

      (In English):

      In Light, that out of Spirit-Deeps
      In Space weaves, bearing its fruit,
      The Gods’ Shaping is revealed :
      In it shines the Soul’s Essence
      Widened to the World-Existence
      And resurrected
      Out of narrow Selfhood’s Inner Might.

      In the Northern Hemisphere, the spring is when we change from an inner
      "self-consciousness" to outer "nature-consciousness". Verse 1 (we always
      start at Easter) spoke of how the Sun and Growth in Nature spoke to our
      senses, joining us to the Spirit that called forth new life; verse 2, how our
      thinking lost its separate existence by thus joining with what the senses
      revealed; in week 3, the true "I" within us 'spoke' to the World-All,
      forgetful of the everyday self "In you, I penetrate to my True Essence". In
      last week's, Sensation spoke back to us, 'I feel the Essence of my Essence',
      and this essence of the inner self felt in the external Light added warmth to
      our thinking, so that our human spirit felt joined to the outer world. This
      week's mantra continues to be a meditation on the Light weaving in outer
      Space, bearing the fruit of new creation in the plant-world, and we are to
      see in this the creating of the Gods; but also see that this same creative
      power is the essence of our own Soul, as it cam be when freed from its narrow
      focus within our single being and expanded into the whole world.

      Franky (on the 'anthroposophy' list) posted the Stage lights for this verse
      in eurythmy:
      First part (1st 3 lines): YELLOW ABOVE, foot lights green.
      Second part: BLUE AND RED ABOVE, foot lights yellow.
      (The yellow above in the first half refers to the intense experience of
      the Light outside in the external world and the green below its weaving in
      the plant-world; the second half has the blue and red above and yellow has
      come down, signifiying by colour the human soul expanded to the
      world-widenesses, and that the same creative process in Sky above to start is
      now seen within us below.)
      * * * * * * *

      Below are some of the spiritual figures and events Steiner listed for this
      week, along with the position of the Moon in the constellations each night.
      Attached to this post is the zodiac image for Taurus: the Doctor said the Sun
      is under the influence of Taurus from May 1st to June 15th in our era.

      Sunday, May 13th. Moon Capricornus. Carl von Linne born 1707. Cuvier (the
      natural scientist) died 1832.
      Monday, May 14th Moon Aquarius. Ludwig Bechstein died 1860.
      Tuesday, May 15th Moon Aquarius. Torquatus Antonius (Prophet in the 15th
      Wednesday, May 16th Moon Pisces. Sarah. Susanne.
      Thursday, May 17th Moon Pisces. Bruno Magnus (Russian Apostle of the 11th
      Friday May 18th Moon Aries. Isabella.
      Saturday May 19th Moon Aries. J. G. Fichte born 1762.

      Dr. Starman

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