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  • Tancredo Neto
    Mar 31, 2013
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      I've joined the group today.
      Well, I will tell some things about me.
      I am very interested in the Rudolf Steiner's work.
      I've studied literature at the university, and the German culture, Goethe, Schiller and the German philosophers, from Leibniz to Kant, Fichte, etc. were part of my approach to literature. So when I met Steiner's work I felt a kinship of interests.
      I'm specially interested in the Calendar of the Soul and I would like to exchange ideas personally with anyone interested in following it through the weeks.
      I'm trying to find explanations about the original edition, that I've purchased at Amazon.com. I mean, the drawings, the astrological view of RS and its connection to the rest of his writings.
      I live in Brazil, so it is not easy for me to go to workshops about it, as I would love to do.
      So I would warmly thank the help of anyone interested in the Calendar.
      I think this is the basics about my joining in this group.

      All best,
      Tancredo do A. B. Neto
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