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5659Threefold Social Order- 11th Night

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  • Durward Starman
    Jan 3, 2013
       The economic sphere of business, the production and distribution of commodities, must run by its own laws and must not be controlled by the government, nor ANY people from the other 2 spheres, no matter how well-intentioned or 'spiritual'. 
       The spiritual sphere of education, the arts, religion, must likewise be kept free from government control, and also free from the economic sphere (which is why we never turn anyone away from any of our anthroposophical activities who can't afford to pay).  
       The legal-political sphere of government is, as in the courts, meant to decide matters of human rights -- -- -- where one person in the free exercise of his rights has intruded upon the rights of another, and this gives it no right to decide in spiritual matters such as religion or education, or in the world of business.

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