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5657Fw: [steiner] On Propaganda of the Threefold Social Order

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  • Durward Starman
    Jan 3, 2013
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      ******* Dr. Steiner never wanted his lectures written down, and he frequently explained why: he spoke at that particular time to that particular group of people. The stenographic transcript is an Ahrimanic version of his living interaction with the feelings of that specific audience that night. When he wrote a book for the general public, by contrast, he enunciated general principles true for the whole world wherever they would be read for our entire world-age. . We are studying a written work and he wrote another even longer one on the social order. You will find principles to contemplate there which are universal and meant to be applied throughout our world-age like his other writings, not snapshots of the 1920s situations by a clairvoyant. I want to study what's true for our entire times here. . . . As I've mentioned before, later in the 1920s some of his followers thought there might be an opportunity to try for a Threefold Social Order again, and they thought they could use the same flyers and ads printed in 1919-20, but Steiner said no, they would have to all be re-done because events were moving so fast that they would be found to be not just years, but CENTURIES out of date! . . This also applies to quoting 1920s remarks about Anglo-American 'dominance', which were quite normal things to say for a German clairvoyant right after the Treaty of Versailles. but which are hopelessly out of date in our time with the rise of Arab oil wealth, Asian power etc.--- except of course to provide ammunition for anti-US Marxists to deceive other anthroposophists, as I've seen them used. ;-) . . . We just went over a work for these 12 Holy Nights that has plenty of content to be absorbed, discussed and debated. Why not quote some of that, or his other book on the principles, or your thoughts on these principles he gave out? -starman
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      Subject: [steiner] On Propaganda of the Threefold Social Order


      Let us consider Steiner's speech on the evening of June 9, 1920, wherein he addresses the opposition to 'Threefolding'.
      Can we really say here in the west that we have a real understanding of the issues involved?  We haven't solved it yet.
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