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5656Re: Threefold Social Order-Pt. 9: Commentary

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  • juancompostella
    Jan 2, 2013
      Jeff, please allow me to explain, if I might. When the Christ is properly placed in the middle, then the 'Rights Life' is accorded equally to the left and the right. This achieves balance; but only if the 'Christ Impulse' is understood and accepted.

      If not, then Lucifer takes the central position, and this has the effect of creating a reversal, wherein Ahriman is found to the left (east), and Azuras is found to the right (west).

      And, sadly, this latter configuraton is what we have in the world today. Make no mistake of it. Lucifer begets Stalin in the East; Hitler in the Center; and Roosevelt in the West.

      Thus, how could real "threefolding" have chance against these odds?


      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "jschreib26" wrote:
      > Thank you for your comments, Starman. I wonder if, for my benefit, you might explain the tasks the political or rights body would undertake in a three-fold society. Perhaps a practical example or two of how it might function or operate in relation to the other two realms?
      > Thanks, Jeff
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