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5654Threefold Social Order- 10th Night

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  • Durward Starman
    Jan 2, 2013
         ******* The Holy Nights are now almost over. Several people have told me they've appreciated this study, although it hasn't really been a group study -- perhaps next year. I intend to keep doing some more work along these lines and those who just want to listen can just listen. 

          For these last three nights, let's reflect on what this writing of Steiner's shows now, almost 100 years after he wrote it. 

         What is anthroposophy and who are we as anthroposophists? People on a modern spiritual path. That word "modern" is a big part of what makes us different. Thousands of years ago in the East, what we yearn for would have driven us to join an ashram, practice yoga -- -- or a little more recently, in the West, to join a monastery or a nunnery. But we modern Western people have no attraction to retiring away from the world and having nothing to do with the mundane world of society, politics, the arts, ideas. We want to stand fully in the world, engaged with it, with an active career and raising a family. This goes back 500 years to the Protestant Revolution where the errors of Roman Catholicism were repealed, and we acknowledged that a man can be holy while still being married, with no need to retire away in the monastery. Our modern times call for a modern path to the spirit, the Rosicrucian path beginning with science and reason, not blind faith, and leading to increased awareness within everyday life.

         So our spiritual path begins with a rebirth of self-awareness, but will not stay locked up within the inner self. This new awareness begins to grow and look on how we are raising our children and insist upon a new way, or how we grow our food, cure illnesses, care for the elderly and retarded, practice the arts, and in short do everything in our world. We know that we are the vanguard of an entirely new humanity, this small group that has found its way to the work of Rudolf Steiner, the modern Rosicrucian apostle of the Risen Christ. The Second Coming of Christ in the Etheric World leads us as modern-day disciples to "be in the world, yet not of it."

         This movement has schools all over the world, farms, medical facilities, centers for the arts and Eurythmy, theaters, books and magazines -- -- -- yet still we are hardly known to the great world as a whole. This won't continue much longer, just as the early Christians in ancient Rome began to be noticed.

         Each age of humanity has a task to work on: the Doctor said that the age which ended 500 years ago was to work on the Mystery of Death, which is why the image of the crucified God was placed before it, who rose again on the third day. Our age is meant to wrestle with the Mystery of Evil. We who see so much benefit in the work of Dr. Steiner perhaps can hardly believe how much he was hated in his time, but it's clearly seen in the assassination attempts, the burning down of the Goetheanum, and so on. There are people who like to adopt a philosophy of na├»vely denying evil has any existence, but this is not anthroposophy. We are taught about the two primary opposing powers, the one who opposed us in ancient times as shown in the legend of the Serpent and the eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and the one who primarily opposes us now who Steiner called by the name of the Persian god of darkness. His greatest weapon is deception and lies, chief among which is the lie that nothing exists but the material world.

         In the old Eastern Yoga path the student was taught to recognize multiple sources of delusion in attaining to enlightenment; in the old Christian path, likewise to recognize and guard oneself against the Devil. We have to also be careful in walking our path about sources of deception and illusion knocking us off track. 

         I was very happy to find this wonderful article of Steiner's clearly describing his social ideas, because, to be blunt about it, almost every anthroposophist I have met in the past 30 years or more appeared to me to be either under the sway of Ahriman when it came to social and political reasoning, or at best indifferent to how the people taking over the movement had political beliefs diametrically the opposite of Steiner's teaching. If you've read this article, and thought through the issues connected with it, you know what his teaching is -- -- -- and if you are involved with a Waldorf school, or any other anthroposophical institution, you will probably see within a few days people are ignoring or betraying what he gave to the world. You can't follow Dr. Steiner and also Karl Marx or Lenin or any materialistic Marxism and leftism: they are like oil and water. We need to make whatever contribution we can to helping people wake up to the Ahrimanic deception, snap out of their hypnotic state when it comes to the real world. 

         This isn't just a moral necessity, but unrealistic thinking such as leftism that does not match reality is what leads to the collapse of our institutions. I saw it coming the past three years at the Rudolf Steiner Institute, now closed, which was being run by foolish socialists. After 35 years of providing a wonderful forum for anthroposophy, they ran it into the ground. If we don't understand the real world, for instance the economics of running a business, all our ideals will lead to failure, because every school or farm is a business and subject to the same laws. The Waldorf schools would never even have come into existence if it wasn't for a successful capitalist (cigarette manufacturer Emil Molt), and Dr. Steiner was never unrealistic in his thinking about making sure the financing would be there. The economic world has its own laws, and having listened to some lectures by smugly superior Marxists about how they'll set up a system that will be superior to the hated free market, does not qualify you to run a business. We can't be like the other spacey New Age people and get anywhere in the real world that so desperately needs us to renew it. 

          Steiner spent a large part of the last few years of his life emphasizing this practical knowledge so badly needed in our time, and he laid out the requirements for a successful society in writings like this article:

          The economic sphere of business, the production and distribution of commodities, must run by its own laws and must not be controlled by the government, nor any people no matter how well-intentioned or 'spiritual'. The spiritual sphere of education, the arts, religion, must likewise be kept free from government control, and also free from the economic sphere (which is why we never turn anyone away from any of our anthroposophical activities who can't afford to pay).  The purpose of government is, as in the courts, to decide matters of human rights -- -- -- where one person in the free exercise of his rights has intruded upon the rights of another, and this gives it no right to decide in spiritual matters such as religion or education, or in the world of business.

         These are the fundamental truths. Remember them, apply them--- and (I hate to have to say this) beware of people trying to twist them around to match political beliefs they had before they became anthroposophists. We have to overcome materialism to grasp the Spirit, and probably it's hardest of all to do in relation to money, material things and the mundane world.

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