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565Re: [steiner] Calendar of the Soul

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  • starmann77@aol.com
    Apr 16, 2001
      Sorry to be a day late, but we are having technical problems. We'll also be
      delayed in sending or posting the Zodiac images and even the info about the
      days of the week. But here is the first mantra of the calendar, the Easter

      Wenn aus den Weltenweiten
      Die Sonne spricht zum Menschensinn,
      Und Freude aus den Seelentiefen
      Dem Licht sich eint im Schauen,
      Dann ziehen aus der Selbstheit Hulle
      Gedanken in die Raumesfernen
      Und binden dumpf
      Des Menschenn Wesen an des Geistes Sein.

      When out of the World-Widenesses
      The Sun speaks to Man's Senses
      And Joy out of the soul's depths
      The Light becomes one with in Vision,
      Then is drawn out of Self-hood's sheath
      Thinking into Space-distances
      And binds dimly
      Man's Essence and the Spirit's Being.

      As I said, first I recommend you start memorizing the lines of either the
      German (if you choose) or the English, so that you can recite it at will.
      Take it one line at a time, then two lines, etc. You'll find that it has 4
      groups of 2 lines each, with a mood to each. Think the thoughts and try to
      picture what they describe with feeling. The Risen christ is the resurrected
      Sun that now speaks; Joy rises from the deep within at Him, as the Egyptians
      felt on seeing Aton or the sun-disc rise; then feel your thoughts drawn into
      the wide universe; and meditate on what it means to say that in a hidden way
      this effects a joining of your deepest inner essence to the World's Being.

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