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5647Threefold Social Order-Pt. 8: Commentary

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  • Durward Starman
    Dec 31, 2012


          "If... the legal system grows up on independent ground out of the consciousness of rights, and if the will of the individual dwelling in the spirit is developed in a free cultural life, then the legal system, strength of spirit and economic activity work together as a unity. They will be able to do so when they can develop, each according to its own proper nature, in distinct fields of life. It is just in separation that they will turn to unity; when an artificial unity is imposed, they become estranged.

         Many socialist thinkers will thus dismiss such a view: “It is impossible to bring about satisfactory conditions through this organic formation of society. It can be done only through a suitable economic organization.” They overlook the fact that those who work in their economic organization are endowed with wills. If one tells them this, they will smile, for they regard it as self-evident. Yet their thoughts are busy constructing a social edifice in which this “self-evident fact” is ignored. Their economic organization is to be controlled by a communal will. However, this must after all be the result of the individual wills of the people united in the organization. These individual wills can never take effect if the communal will is derived entirely from the idea of economic organization. Individual wills can expand unfettered if, alongside the economic sphere, there is a legal sphere where the standard is set, not by any economic point of view, but only by the consciousness of rights, and if, alongside both the economic and legal spheres, a free cultural life can find place, following only the impulses of the spirit. Then we shall not have a social order running like clockwork, in which individual wills could never find a lasting place....

      ******Which is what we have gotten in every place socialism was imposed--- not LESS alienation from society, but MORE. 

         The only reason I can think of anthroposophists still being leftists is that they either haven't really read Steiner's threefold Social Order works, or they've only seen the distortions of him by other leftist anthros ---who are in denial that he declares that it, by its nature, will always have to be the disaster it's so far always proven itself to be. 

         "...Then human beings will find it possible to give their wills a social bent and to bring them constantly to bear on the shaping of social circumstances. Under the free cultural life the individual will shall become social. When legal institutions are self-subsisting, these socially attuned individual wills shall yield a communal will that works justly. The individual wills, socially oriented and organized by the independent legal system, will exert themselves within the economic system, producing and distributing goods as social needs demand.

           Most people today still lack faith in the possibility of establishing a social order based on individual wills. They have no faith in it because such a faith cannot come from a cultural life that has developed in dependence on the state and the economy... 

      *******If that's where all your ideas come from, you see no support for the free spiritual life and the other 2 spheres being independent and free as well...  so why complain about the economy and the government and seek remedies only within the economy and the government? Because that's how we're trained to think in government schools by unimaginative bureaucrats.

          A free spirit I knew named Robert Kennedy used to quote George Bernard Shaw: "Some men see things as they are and say 'Why?'---I dream things that never were, and say, "Why not?" Another named Sting, before he forgot to follow his own advice and descended into leftist diatribes, sang "There is no political solution to our frustrated evolution... There's no bloody revolution... We are spirits in the material world."

         "...The kind of spirit that does not develop in freedom out of the life of the spirit itself but rather out of an external organization simply does not know what are the spirit's potentials. It looks about for something to guide and manage it, not knowing how the spirit guides and manages itself if it can but draw its strength from its own sources. It would like to have a board of management for the spirit — a branch of the economic and legal organizations — totally disregarding the fact that the economy and the legal system can thrive only when permeated with the spirit that is self-subsistent."

        *******Or how about Paul McCartney: "Hey Jude---the movement you seek is on your shoulders!"

          Here's to new impulses in a New Year.



      To Be Continued....

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