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562Re: [steiner] calendar of the soul

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  • starmann77@aol.com
    Apr 13, 2001
      < radistasi@... writes; Starman, I want to extend my thanks to you
      for posting the Soul-Calendar on a weekly basis. <<
      Fioredortica@... writes:
      ~~~~Hi Starman, I join in what Richard says: I started saving and filing
      your weekly calendars last summer, but there are many gaps in between weeks.
      I never told you before how much I appreciate that work you do, so, thanks!

      *******The Calendar starts with mantram #1 at Easter. If people would like
      to try using them, I 'll start posting them again at our anthroposophic "new
      year", Eastertide. This is a good time to start a spiritual exercise like
      this. What was conceived at Christmastime wants to rise up now, so any of
      you who were in the 12 Nights' study should consider doing it. Dr. Starman

      ~~~~I'd like to be able to something , I need some tips though.
      I have no idea how to work with it. Any advice or explanation on the subject
      would be useful and appreciated.
      Gisele >>

      *******All right, why don't all the people who would like to use the Calendar
      plan on starting on Easter Sunday? Here's some tips: first, let me repeat for
      anyone who is new to this what the 'Calendar of the Soul' is. Steiner gave
      out a series of 52 mantras that enable you to experience astrally the course
      of the year, and in the original 1912 published version there were also
      saints & other spiritual figures & events listed for each day, 12 images of
      the zodiac (one for each month), and the Moon phases and signs listed for
      each night. I have the 12 images and the German original of the Calendar with
      everything in it (most books have only the mantras) and can post this every

      The Calendar starts with mantram #1 at Easter. One way to think of using
      the mantras is like an actor learning one's lines. You first need to memorize
      the verse so that you can recite it from memory whenever you wish to. Then,
      you can enter a little deeper into the experience of it by repeating it,
      silently or aloud. Most people will insist on using an English translation,
      but I found that a hindrance: so I work with the original German and think
      the words in English as I say the German. That's how I did my translations a
      bit at a time over the past twenty years.

      The first verse, for instance, describes how the Sun calls out to us, how
      our senses are affected by its 'return' or rebirth at Easter (in the Northern
      Hemisphere; I don't want to get into any futile discussions with people about
      the hemispheres but it's obvious that the mantras are tied to the seasons as
      we experience them in the North).
      This awakens joy within us as the Light grows, drawing our thoughts out to
      the wide world. So:

      Wenn aus den Weltenweiten die Sonne spricht zum Menschensinn...
      When out of the World-Widths the Sun speaks to man's Senses...
      (Welten weiten, the wide world)
      Undf Freude aus Seelentiefen dem Light sich eint im Schauen...
      And Joy out of Soul-Deeps the Light becomes one with in Vision...

      As you can see, the German is not so much more difficult than the English.
      But choose either and start memorizing those first lines; they describe the
      Easter event. The Sun, Light, Vision.

      More tomorrow...

      Dr. Starman
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