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5579index for some screeds

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  • RobertM
    Sep 19, 2012
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      To All:

      Over the past months I have had almost no time
      online, but I have managed at least to put up
      some of my old pages and posts in a place where
      more readers can get to them. Dreadful to
      contemplate, but I suppose that some people have
      not already read all of my posts, so I thought
      that it might be useful to hereby post this
      notice. Here is the index page:


      I put that page together and HTMLized most of
      the linked posts only in a few minutes scattered
      over several months, and it had been some
      fifteen years since I did any HTML coding, so
      the results are rather ragged and slapdash. But
      so much time has already slipped away that I
      decided to go ahead and go with what I have,
      however imperfect.

      But I would appreciate if any readers would
      point out to me any obvious mistakes and typos,
      etc. Given my limitations, I might not ever get
      around to expressing my appreciation, but I do
      hope to make any necessary corrections.

      Robert Mason