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555Re: [steiner] calendar of the soul

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  • Richard Distasi
    Apr 5, 2001

      Yes, I would be interested. It seems though that things have gotten very
      quiet since the 12 Nights study not only on this list but on other lists as
      well. Again thanks for your efforts.

      [rick distasi]

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      Subject: Re: [steiner] calendar of the soul

      > radistasi@... writes:
      > << Starman, I want to extend my thanks to you for posting the
      Soul-Calendar on
      > a weekly basis. I shouldn't take that effort for granted. I think that it
      > is a good addition to all of the others posts. >>
      > *******Thanks. It is a bit of work translating and posting every Saturday.
      > For any who don't know what the calendar of the soul is, Steiner gave out
      > series of 52 mantras that enable you to experience astrally the course of
      > year, and in the original 1912 version there were saints and other
      > figures and events listed for each day, 12 images of the zodiac for each
      > month, and the Moon phases and signs each night. I have the 12 images and
      > German original and was posting this every week until recently.
      > The Calendar starts with mantram #1 at Easter. If people would like
      > try using them, I 'll start posting them again at our anthroposophic "new
      > year", Eastertide. Unfortunately this list blocked attachments after
      > sent through a virus, so I can't send the images as long as that stays
      > blocked (tried sending them IN the e-mails and that didn't work either).
      > the policy doesn't change, you'd have to request the images from me
      > individually or get them off one of the mailing lists that allows them
      > "anthroposophy" or "spiritualscience" or "rosicruciansophia".
      > This is a good time to start a spiritual exercise like this. What was
      > conceived at Christmastime wants to "rise up" now, so any of you who were
      > the 12 Nights' study should consider doing it.
      > Dr. Starman
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