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  • juancompostella
    Aug 22, 2012
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      I watched the video, and see all the ear-markings of what religious propaganda can mean, and maybe being a good christian today means accepting all aspects of the Jewish Holocaust. Not sure what connection you're making, Tom, with "why not show them the video."
      I do know that Rudolf Steiner did not invent a religion for CC, as the below lecture describes very well coming two days before the Goetheanum burned down. He was only helping out the young theologians and Dr. Rittelmeyer in getting a liturgical form going for this 'movement for religious renewal'. While they could not accept anthroposophy directly, Steiner formulated a means by which they could eventually arrive at spiritual science, and then CC would simply drop away. Of course, this has not happened, nor has CC ever taken up the indications that Steiner gave in his September 1924 course to the Priests concerning using the Book of Revelation as the way to a fourth mystery epoch of our time.


      Friedrich Rittelmeyer's 1928 memoir, "Rudolf Steiner Enters My Life" is very informative concerning what he was looking for, c. 1910, and what he found in his relationship with Dr. Steiner.


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      > Why not show them this video "The Invention Of God And Religion" and engage them in an argument that is important to have. Isn't the fact that their religion is an invention more important than holocaust denial? That religion is the invention of man doesn't invalidate religion, but it puts it in its proper place. Steiner even invented a religion, the CC movement, so he believed an invented religion has value and does meet the needs of some.
      > http://www.philosophyoffreedom.com/node/5722
      > Tom Last
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      > > Starman, in consideration of Robert's post herein, it appears that the enemies of Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy are having a 'field day' in other quarters concerning the concept of "holocaust denial", and how it seems to be particularly acute among the anthroposophists.
      > >
      > > Yet, there is a great amount of evidence, as Robert suggests, that Hitler was a kind of conjuration coming from out of the British camp of the Western Empire in the days even before the start of WW I.
      > >
      > > As such, it is not be be denied, or taken lightly that the western occult powers had the idea and means to unfold an occult form of geopolitics which for certain reasons made Germany the central enemy of their agenda. This was owing to the fact that the Central European cultural stream has a destiny relationship with the Christ as "I Am", and so those powers coming from the Soradtic west have to oppose what is 'German Folk Soul'.
      > >
      > > One specific example used by the opponents of anthroposophy today is the Russian anthroposophist, Gennady Bondarev, who is considered to be the figurehead of antisemitism and rejection of a so-called "holocaust of the Jews" as a kind of defense of Hitler. Yet, any sober mind can look and see that Bondarev never denied the program of mass extermination of the Jewish populace of Europe during the reign of the conjured Hitler.
      > >
      > > He only wondered about the method and how its accomplishment involving six millions Jews in Europe could have occurred in such great numbers without also endangering the general population as well. In other words, Bondarev never denied that a so-called "Holocaust" took place. His concern was size and number.
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      > > Juan
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