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  • juancompostella
    Aug 16 10:38 PM
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, Stephen Clarke <hozhonahasglii@...> wrote:
      > Some interesting thinking and original ideas here on these subjects, esp. on the POF.
      > Odd, but nice.
      > No complaints from me.
      > Stephen

      Odd it is, indeed. Rand might have actually been closer to Aristotle than most people even think; a latter-day disciple in the vein of Strato of Lampsachus, who succeeded Theophrastus after 35 years, when his nominee was overruled by some higher council. Apparently, Theophrastus had Neleius (his nominee for successorship) take both his and Aristotle's libraries taken away and kept until the estate of Neleius was found by the book-buyer, Apellicon in the 1st century BC.

      Thereupon, Apellicon sold them three ways; to Athens, Pergamum, and Rome.

      So, Ayn Rand could be a 'Stratos' reincarnated for the sake of the mineralized west in the 20th century, and wanting to redeem *himself* to the idea of ego consciousness as the maximum supreme, when we finally take it to the evil forces that hold sway today.

      I think Ayn Rand had the idea of an individual human being as happy and self-fulfilling as her main goal. Would that be right?

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