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547Re: RAD, etc.

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  • Janet
    Feb 17, 2001
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      I'd like to clarify one point regarding my previous post about autism.
      The 1 in 150 number is accurate, however it is for what is now known as
      "Autism Spectrum Disorder" or ASD. This category includes several
      autism-like conditions such as Asperger's and Rett's Syndromes as well
      as full-blown autism.

      So, the 1 in 150 is not specifically "autistic"--in which they must
      demonstrate 7 out of 14 criteria--but children with autistic-like
      symptoms, which is bad enough I think considering they may have 5 or 6
      out of the 14. It's also interesting that cases occur frequently in
      clusters, much like some types of cancer do.

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