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5453Mystery Drama in America- July 2012

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  • DrStarman
    Jun 26, 2012
      A group of anthroposophists including myself are now rehearsing Dr. Steiner's 3rd Mystery Drama, "The Guardian of the Threshold", for a performance in New York the 3rd week of July. His esoteric Mystery plays are rarely performed, even more rarely in English (they put all 4 on at the Goetheanum in German in Switzerland 2 years ago).
      You can see the play as part of a 3-day conference interspersed with lectures and acting workshops from July 18th to 21st, or just come for the one-day performance of the play itself Saturday July 21st.
      For more info, got to www.threefold.org.guardian.
      We've been doing the 4 plays in sequence, one each year, and will do the 4th one in 2013. Then we want to attempt to do all four in 2014! -starman
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