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  • JonathanM
    Jan 13, 2012
      Hello True Seeker,

      Jesus states that there are 10,000 souls in embodiment today that are able to reach Christhood (enlightenment) while still on this plane. This number is a tipping point that can create a whole new earth experience, and it is time! I am a serious disciple of Jesus and I have come in, like many of you, to help bring in this golden age and we are needed NOW. If you think you are called to do this work and want to fully commit to your own enlightenment and then to total service of all human kind, please respond. I have a spiritual center and extra housing here in Alcoa, Tn to support anyone on this high spiritual path. There will be no charges or fees for this service other than your cost of living expenses. If you are at all inclined, please contact me asap for an application. For more on this subject, please check out askrealjesus.com or jeshua.net. Please forward this letter to others, especially "A Course in Miracles" teachers, students, and groups. I will personally support others who would like to take this concept, or a similar one, into their own community.

      In Christ,
      Jonathan Mathews
      website: foothillsspiritualcenter.net
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