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  • DiwataD
    Oct 25, 2011
      > 7. In places he mentioned that, in the present
      > part of our HUMAN "kin", so to speak, evacuated
      > to the outer planets. Do you think he also "implied"
      > that there are also a few most advanced HUMAN
      > individualities which went out with the Sun, and
      > later on with Venus and Mercury?
      > ******* I don't think they were human beings who
      > stayed with the sun, or with Mercury or Venus.
      > But afterwards, before the Earth and Moon separated,
      > when our Earth world went through a catastrophic
      > development, some human beings were taken away from
      > the earth plane to temporary homes in the other
      > planetary spheres with the higher beings who always
      > inhabited them. Those are two different things.

      Anyway, I'm just intrigued by a statement of HPB on "Venus being in her 7th round right now, and her "humanity" having very advanced intellectuality." She also added that "when the Earth reaches her 7th round, her humanity will achieve greater spirituality but with a kind of inferior intellectuality than the Venusian humanity right now."

      This really piques my interest on "humanity" outside Earth. What is the "Human" State?? Is it the very first degree of self-consciousness?? Do the Angels, Archangels, and other higher beings, possess self-consciousness? If I'm allowed to relate ideas from HPB to Dr. Steiner, I guess there are "humans" on Venus (again, humans, in the sense of possessing the first degree of self-consciousness).

      I also can't shake off this feeling that "humanity" (as I learned it from Theosophy, and from Dr. Steiner in particular) is spread over the entire solar system, even now.

      Did Dr. Steiner just deliberately restricted "humanity" to Earth humans, so that we can focus on our own development here? Did he mention this in his writings, or even just alluded to this? Is Earth the central creation of the Solar Hierarchies?

      I apologize for having so many questions in mind. I just want to make it personally, mentally, sound this Theosophical cosmogony
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