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5260Solar Eclipses

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  • Durward Starman
    Jan 3, 2011
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      On solar eclipses:

         "All that is of the nature of will upon the Earth flows into universal space in an abnormal way. It is different altogether from what takes place when there is no such eclipse. Ordinarily, the physical sunlight unites itself with the radiations of will streaming towards it. When there is an eclipse, the forces of will flow unhindered into Cosmic space.

         The old initiates knew these things. They saw that such a moment all the unbridled impulses and instincts of humanity surged out into the Cosmos. And they gave their pupils the following explanation. They said: 'Under normal conditions the evil impulses of will which are sent out into the cosmos by human beings, are, as it were, burned up and consumed by the rays of the sunlight, so that they can only do injury to man himself, but can work no universal harm. When, however, there is an eclipse of the sun, opportunity is given for the evil which is willed on earth to spread over the cosmos.' An eclipse is a physical event behind which there lies a significant spiritual reality."


      Dr. Rudolf Steiner. From "Human Questions and Cosmic Answers -- -- --The Eclipses of the Sun and Moon"   June 25, 1922.

      ******* The solar eclipse was spoken of as an "escape valve" releasing the evil, "Luciferic" forces from our earth. We have them about every 7 months.
      Dr. Starman