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522Re: [steiner] No more attachments!

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  • Janet
    Feb 1, 2001

      That's a possibility. Nobody ever mentioned attachments before so it
      must be new. I can't get onto the net to check out symantec but did a
      defrag which should show viruses but didn't.

      Did you have problems connecting to your server before everything went


      JLA wrote:

      > Just a warning. If this is the case, it may be that Janet has the MTX
      > virsus and does not know it. MTX works and infiltrates through hidden
      > attachments unseen by the sender. There are several forms of these
      > attachments and if you go to symantec.com you will see the different
      > ones being used. Do not open these and in general any attachment. I
      > had
      > to learn the hard way recently as you all well know. 14 hours of
      > reprogramming and $400 in tech time.
      > Jeff
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