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5212Re: Success of anthroposophy

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  • robert.barnskog
    Aug 24, 2010
      Hi Classiquepair,

      > And thank you for your comments. I am finding your discussion with Starman interesting now that I realize you aren't so much on the attack. Coming in stating that the movement we are here in which to share and discuss...has failed...doesn't exactly open a environment of warmth. But as your comments evolve, it is clear that you really are looking for something and want to know if perhaps Steiner has something to offer.

      RB: Why would I be on attack? Of course it can be argued if you should express yourself as I did in my first message, but I thought people nowadays were not so sensitive, and it was allowed to "swear in the church" (as we say in Sweden). After all, you can find much worse expressions, about anthroposophy and all other things of our culture, including sacred things, when you surf on the web. Even from anthroposophists themselves. Then – remember –that I tried to stop this conversation two times, but Starman continued and then I can`t just walk away…
      Of course Steiner has something to offer! That I have not doubted the last 10 years…Yes I was looking for a discussion forum. We used to have several in Sweden before, but they all seems to have been shut down. Then it would perhaps also be interesting to be active in a group within a spiritual movement, and here I can`t so far come up with anything better than anthroposphy. However, I`m also in the other movements I spoke about (Newphys, IET) so we will see what happens…

      > I live in the U.S.A. and in my area, it is challenging to find spiritually sympathetic souls. I'm sure they are around, but just not so visible.

      RB: Yes, I also think so.

      > Please keep sharing your thoughts, and I'm particularly interested in what you have read and are reading.

      RB: In the field of anthroposophy I have read several of the basic Steiner books, generally more than one time. "How to attain knowledge of higher worlds", "Theosophy", "Occult science", "The philosophy of freedom", and quite a few lecture cycles, that you can find on the Steiner e-lib. Also his biography, "The story of my life". Of other authors "Chronicle of the Living Christ" by Robert Powell, a book on biography work by several authors, and other books that I can´t remember now…
      In the field of "anthroposophical natural science" I have read the three science courses (warmth, light, astronomy) and the agricultural course by Steiner. Also for example "Man and matter" by Lehrs, "Space and counterspace" by N.Thomas, "The vortex of life" by Edwards, "Sensitive chaos" by Schwenk, "The rediscovery of color" by Proskauer. Then there are also some on the shelf also for me…"Science between space and counterspace", "Sunspace".
      I also read a lot of the material on the web, including "critical" material, for example a lot of the writings by Joel Wendt, who is quite critical.

      >I have that Adams book you mentioned but have not jumped in. It's been on my shelf for a very long time and I don't know why I didn't get into it (and it does have quite a bit of other unread books to keep it company) but your discussion about the concave growth patterns of plants perked my interest. I don't know if you have access to this book (the one I'm about to name), but more interesting discussions on the etheric world and growth patterns is "Toward a Phenomenology of the Etheric World," a collection of seven different essays by various authors. I had this silly notion long ago that if I studied these books that with only observation skills I would be able to detect certain truths about the etheric world.

      RB: No , never heard about it. Sounds interesting though…
      I believe you can detect certain truths about the etheric world with only observation skills…Probably we all do that all the time, but we just don`t know if they have to do with the etheric or something else…If you want you can start a new thread for this. It also has some relation to "How do we know anthro is true", that Starman started. Does it not…?

      // Robert B.
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