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5210Re: Success of anthroposophy

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  • robert.barnskog
    Aug 24 5:05 AM
      Hello Classiquepair,

      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "classiquepair" <classiquepair@...> wrote:
      > I hope this isn't an exclusive conversation going on here.

      RB: No, you are most welcome…

      > I've been reading Steiner lectures (and books) for quite a while, mostly 'a while ago.' However, I have recently taken up the torch again and must say, at this later time, the pieces fit together much more snugly now.
      > I always thought of Anthroposophy as the essential knowledge that once passed on in Mystery centers throughout human history.

      RB: Yes, so did also I. And still does…

      The essential point was not that the masses were aware of the esoterica, but that the traditions and information essential for a conscious evolution were kept alive in the background. Working with this material of Steiner's is very difficult and really is not suitable right now for the masses, who are engaged in all sorts of folly.

      RB: One thing has changed from the old times, and that is – obviously – that the spiritual powers are said to have allowed a certain amount of esoteric knowledge to be made public and that this was done via Rudolf Steiner, Max Heindel, and perhaps others about the time of transition from the nineteenth century to the twentieth century. Still, it is of course possible to – as in olden times – do a lot of good work, without speaking one word of esoterics…However, today, the esoterics has been made public, and it´s not so easy to change that now.
      I never recall I wrote about speaking to the masses…Rather to the 5% that think in Starmans Edison quote.

      > We are pressing forward and clearly need to change, to evolve and integrate spirituality into our world view, and bring, as Dr. Steiner so wanted, science and spirit together.

      RB: Yes, sooner or later we will need it. There are moral forces in all this, that our society need.

      > Computers (Ahrimanic as they are) and Anthroposophists seem to be at odds with one another, to a large extent, and even so, I have found quite a "Steiner" presence online!

      RB: Yes, this is not an issue that I`m worried about, maybe one would have been in the past. Today we are so much surrounded by computers and other technology, so it´s not easy for any movement to avoid them, even if they wanted. There are other dangers for spiritual movements, but we can discuss them some other time.

      // Robert B., from Sweden
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