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  • Durward Starman
    Aug 28, 2009
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      *******Welcome to the group, Linda. Well, if you have a background in Freud, you know that his orthodox scientific point of view rejected all spiritual experiences as mere illusons, while his pupil Jung tried to go beyond those shackles on thinking. Steiner went much further than Jung--- so Jung is well-known in the world because he didn't go too far and stayed fairly acceptable to academia, where Steiner went too far for most 20th century academics to accept. But if one wants to understand spiritual things like Buddhism and Christianity, Jungian thought can only take you so far. I think working with what Steiner gave out can lead to much more understanding of ancient religions, as well as the spiritual path for today. Likewise, of all the people who worked out of theosophy, I'd say Steiner's contributions have been the most fruitful (the schools, farms, arts, anthroposophic medicine, etc.)
        Our list is seldom used. Feel free to start any discussion you like and perhaps people may join in---except, please, no discussion of politics, which has a negative effect on conversation on the internet, you may have seen!
         I mainly work with Astrosophy, the renewal of astrology, which is a multidimensional psychology as well as leading over into the physical dimension as well. For example, in case you haven't read about it yet, Steiner also revived the old idea of the 4 Elements as Jung did, but where Jung named them the "Intuitive", "Sensation" etc. 4 personality types, Steiner described 4 types of formative forces in nature which he called the 4 Ethers, and that each of these 4 temperaments or personalty types had a preponderance of one or another "ether": Warmth Ether, Light Ether, Sound Ether (also called Chemical or Number Ether---which is the one Freud's other pupil Reich discovered and called "orgone energy") and Life Ether. Along with inclining people to psychologically be a certain way, these also have physical effects--- so, for instance, what in past centuries were called "fiery" people or the "Choleric temperament" have a lot of Warmth Ether, and one characteristic of it is to contract things in space--- so cholerics tend to be small in stature. Hence the shortness of powerful leaders like Napoleon, Augustus, Hitler, etc.



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      Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 19:45:25 +0000
      Subject: [steiner] introduction


      I have just joined the Steiner group and would like to tell you a bit about myself.

      I am interested in Buddhism, Christianity and theosophy.. I am particularly keen on the writing of Alice Bailey. My spiritual experiences are of connection to the elements, healing worldwide and synchronicity. I experience a spirit which joins me to all mankind and which I can heal to bring the world to peace and harmony.  I would really like to understand this more.My background is more in the theories of Freud, Jung and Klein. Do you think Steiner has a place for such phenomena and what would his analysis be?

      Linda Appleby

      www.lindaappleby. com/connections    for 'Interconnection' CD
      lindaappleby128atbt .blog.co. uk

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